October 3, 2023

CNN’s Cuomo: ‘The Party of Trump’ Would Have Gone Crazy if a Black Guy Behaved Like Capitol Rioters


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Wednesday on his show “Cuomo Prime Time” that Republicans, which he referred to as “the party of Trump,” would be going crazy if a black guy treated the police the way White guys did at the Capitol on January 6.

Cuomo said, “I have more evidence that the party of Trump has no shame in their game, and they’re lying to you about their belief or their suggestion that January 6 is being overhyped. It was a terror attack on the citadel of our democracy, and the Justice Department wants you to know that. They’re releasing footage that shows exactly what happened. You tell me if this looks like people on a tour, or just like angry patriots if it looks like nothing compared to what you saw with Black Lives Matter.”

After playing a new video from the Capitol riot, Cuomo said, “Now, look, let’s deal with two obvious things, okay? When a White guy says to a cop, I’m sorry, buddy, you are going to have to kill me if you want me to move, they move. A Black guy says the same thing. You would have the party of Trump going crazy on you about how serious it is. See how the game is being played? This is the reality.”

He added, “The Trump supporters, misguided, lied-to individuals, came there looking to kick ass, and that’s what they did. They wanted to do worse.”

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