July 3, 2022

TX Dept. of Public Safety Lt.: Border Situation ‘Out of Control’ – We’ll See ‘Historic Numbers Month in and Month out’ Without Stiffer Policies


During an interview on the Fox News Channel on Monday, Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez said that the situation on the border is “out of control” and without “stiffer policies” from the Biden administration, “we’re going to continue to see these historic numbers month in and month out.”

Olivarez said, “[T]hese human smugglers are very bold, and right now, we’re seeing them do things that they’ve never done before as far as the extent of the driving — the reckless driving. They put these immigrants in danger by the way they drive. And not only that, but the motoring public as well, and we continue to see that — to increase because of this current surge that’s taking place right now.”

He later added, “Right now, the situation’s out of control. And unless the administration steps in and does something, puts some stiffer policies in place, we’re going to continue to see these historic numbers month in and month out. So, right now, nothing’s being done on their part, but the state of Texas is stepping in and doing what we can to keep our communities safe and to keep the nation safe.”

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