May 27, 2022

Fox News Dead Last as Establishment Media Calls Virginia Race for Republican Glenn Youngkin


Hours after several election experts projected Republican Glenn Youngkin the winner in Virginia’s governor race, Fox News came in dead last, as the establishment media complex (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT, and Politico) called the race in Youngkin’s favor.

BREAKING: Republican Glenn Youngkin wins Virginia governor race, @NBCNews projects.

— NBC News (@NBCNews) November 3, 2021

BREAKING: Republican Glenn Youngkin will win the race for Virginia’s governor, @ABC News projects based on analysis of the vote.

— ABC News (@ABC) November 3, 2021

Breaking: Republican Glenn Youngkin has won the race for governor in Virginia, riding a wave of late momentum to deliver a rebuke of Democratic control in Richmond and Washington

— POLITICO (@politico) November 3, 2021

CNN PROJECTION: Republican Glenn Youngkin will defeat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race, the highest-stakes election of the night

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) November 3, 2021

BREAKING: CBS News projects Republican Glenn Youngkin wins the Virginia governor race

— CBS News (@CBSNews) November 3, 2021

BREAKING: Republican Glenn Youngkin wins election for governor in Virginia. #APracecall at 12:37 a.m. EDT. #Election2021 #VAelection

— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) November 3, 2021

BREAKING: New York Times now projects Youngkin victory.

— Corey A. DeAngelis (@DeAngelisCorey) November 3, 2021

After the cavalcade of establishment media calls, Fox News finally called the race for Youngkin.

YOUNGKIN TRIUMPHS: Fox News projects GOP victory over McAuliffe as Virginia voters reject Biden agenda

— Fox News (@FoxNews) November 3, 2021

The establishment media’s decision to delay calling the race for Youngkin despite his seemingly insurmountable lead puzzled conservatives on Twitter for hours.

Fox News called Arizona for Biden within seconds. They still haven’t called Virginia for Youngkin.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) November 3, 2021

Turned on news for first time in at least 2 years. Fox afraid to make a call and it shows, CNN shocked that voters don’t like government telling them what to do. MSNBC blaming a bad national environment and Williams is the talking to me like I’m in 7th grade. Back to jazz for me

— Adam Housley (@adamhousley) November 3, 2021

.@ABC and @MSNBC call Virginia for @GlennYoungkin BEFORE @FoxNews makes a call.


— Boris Epshteyn (@BorisEP) November 3, 2021

Fox News still has not called Virginia’s governors race 😡

— Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) November 3, 2021

NBC News and MSNBC have called the race for Youngkin.

Where are my friends at Fox?

— Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) November 3, 2021

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