January 26, 2022

VIDEO: Man Allegedly Tries to Strangle Woman at Bus Stop with Shoelace

Video footage showed a Florida man approach a woman at a bus stop and allegedly try to strangle her with a shoelace, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Twenty-seven-year-old Aaron K. Quinones is facing an attempted felony murder charge following the incident at a Miami-Dade Transit bus stop, police explained.

Florida man caught on camera attempting to strangle woman at bus stop with his shoelace https://t.co/jfI0htvyjC pic.twitter.com/CYiQtIQDcO

— New York Post (@nypost) January 6, 2022

“The Miami-Dade Police Department said the 26-year-old victim was waiting for the bus at 11 a.m. Jan. 2 when she was attacked,” the outlet noted.

Surveillance video showed the suspect behind the woman, with one leg on the bench. Moments later, he scanned the area and appeared to remove the lace as he approached the woman from behind, and pulled the string around her neck.

The woman fought back and the two struggled. The suspect appeared to hit the victim as another person came over and intervened.

The citizen was able to get on top of the suspect and place him in what seemed to be a headlock, according to WPLG:

The suspect ran from the scene, but authorities located Quinones nearby and placed him in custody, police noted.

“Cops are now looking to speak to the good Samaritan, who had already left when police arrived. They also are asking anyone victimized by the alleged attack to call the police department’s Airport District with information,” the Post article said.

The suspect who allegedly tried to strangle the victim reportedly had a history of violence targeting women, “having been charged with assaulting his girlfriend in 2020 along with various other arrests,” the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Two years before the most recent incident, Quinones was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina, regarding a similar offense against another woman, the report continued:

Quinones was charged with misdemeanor simple assault against his girlfriend on January 22, 2020 and held on $500 bond. The exact outcome of the Charlotte assault incident is unclear.

Quinones was living in the North Carolina city at the time of the 2020 assault, according to county records, but Miami police report he is now homeless in Florida. Separately, he was also wanted for allegedly breaking into a Charlotte apartment and stealing $5,000 worth of exercise equipment in June, according to WJZY.

Authorities said a warrant for his arrest was issued, but the man was never taken into custody.

“Quinones was also arrested in April 2013 for shoplifting from a Belk department store in Charlotte’s Northlake Mall,” the Mail article stated.

A public records search performed by the outlet found Quinones had a litany of prior arrests in North Carolina dating to 2013.

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