May 21, 2022

CNN’s Harry Enten: Polling Numbers on Biden’s Economy are ‘Awful’

Appearing Thursday on CNN, network analyst Harry Enten said polling numbers regarding the U.S. economy under President Joe Biden are “awful.”

A transcript is as follows:

ANA CABRERA: New CNN polling finds feelings about the economy are the worst they have been in a decade. Harry, according to this latest poll, most Americans are not happy about the economic state of things. Fill us in.

HARRY ENTEN: On the chyron they have dismal, I was going to use awful. Essentially, if you ask Americans how they view the economy — is it poor or good —  look at the percentage who say poor at this time. It’s north of 70 percent. 77 percent say bad. Just 23 percent say good. You need to go back all the way to 2012 to see numbers that bad and it’s not much of a surprise if you ask folks what’s the most important problem facing the country right now? What is the top issue? The economy.

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