August 19, 2022

GOP Rep. Comer: Dems ‘Were Too Quick’ to Call for Gun Control Before We Got Facts about ‘Problems’ with Law Enforcement Response

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” House Oversight and Reform Committee Ranking Member Rep. James Comer (R-KY) stated that Democrats “were too quick to point fingers” and too quick to call for more gun control policies in the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde, TX before all the facts about the shooting were known and that now that additional information about the shooting has come to light, there are many pieces of information about “problems with the response from law enforcement” to the shooting and he has additional questions about school security.

Comer said, “I think the president has every right to go to Texas. I think the president should go to Texas. That’s part of what the job of being president is. But when we look at solutions, I think the Democrats were too quick to point fingers, too quick to advocate for their liberal gun control policies without getting all the information in. As we’ve heard at the beginning of the show, there’s a lot of new information coming in about problems with the response from law enforcement. I have questions about the security around the schools.”

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