September 29, 2022

Joe Biden Brags About Putting Gas Money Back in Americans’ Pocket — Prices Still Above $4 a Gallon

President Joe Biden bragged Monday that gas prices had fallen below five dollars a gallon, demanding credit for the downtick in cost.

“Gas prices have been dropping for 34 days straight, about 50 cents a gallon,” he boasted on social media. “That saves the average driver about $25 a month.”

Gas prices have been dropping for 34 days straight, about 50 cents a gallon. That saves the average driver about $25 a month.

I know those extra dollars and cents mean something. It’s breathing room. And we’re not done working to get prices even lower.

— President Biden (@POTUS) July 18, 2022

The president immediately took credit for lower gas prices, even though they are still two dollars a gallon higher than when he first took office.

The national average of a gallon of gas on Biden’s Inauguration Day was $2.39 a gallon while the average gas price on Tuesday is $4.49 a gallon.

For months, Biden has blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine for rising energy prices, referring to it as “Putin’s price hike.”

But the White House on Monday tried to claim credit for the slight price dip.

“The President has reacted from the beginning talking about how this was such an important priority to alleviate these pressures on behalf of the American people,” White House economic adviser to the president Jared Bernstein boasted from the podium of the White House press briefing.

Bernstein grew frustrated when asked why Biden tried to take credit for the fall in gas prices despite refusing to take responsibility for rising prices.

“Yeah, I very much disagree with that framing,” he said.

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