September 28, 2022

Fighting Carbon-capture Pipelines: Stopping Environmental Idiocracy – STOP AGENDA 2030

I have just returned from barnstorming the state of Iowa. I was there to rally the citizens and warn them that their property rights are in jeopardy.

In Iowa, along with North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska, the push is on to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) and bury it in the ground. The excuse is to protect the Earth from climate change!

In my years of fighting the lies and insane policies of the radical environmental movement, this is undoubtedly their dumbest plan. It’s also one of the most dangerous that we have ever faced.

The drive to build these destructive, useless pipelines is ludicrous. Private companies would have no reason to build them if not for the big bucks they’re getting from Biden’s $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill in support of his “Build Back Better” agenda.

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Barnstorming Iowa: Farmers in Iowa listen to Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center, as he warns them of the imminent threat to their property rights posed by Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda.

The Scheme 

Thousands of acres of privately owned, food-producing Midwest Corn Belt farmland are targeted for a new 1,300-mile-long pipeline. It’s not a pipeline to bring us desperately needed fuel oil, but to capture carbon dioxide and transport it underground!

Two private companies are pushing these CO2 pipelines — Summit Carbon Solutions and Navigator CO2 Ventures. They have already sent out letters explaining the project to farmers across the above-named states. One example reads:

Navigator is proposing to build a large-scale carbon capture pipeline system spanning more than 1,300 miles across five states in the Midwest. The pipeline system … will capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from local facilities before these emissions reach the atmosphere, and transport the CO2 safely via pipeline to a permanent and secure underground sequestration site in Illinois.

The letter goes on to explain that “the pipeline will materially reduce the participant’s carbon footprint and further the global goal of carbon neutrality.”

These are private companies, not public utilities. Yet their letter to property owners also contains this threat:

We intend to file a petition with the Iowa Utilities Board for permission to build the pipeline…. Our goal is to reach voluntary agreements with all landowners along the Project route, though if we are unable to do so, we may need to request the right of eminent domain (condemnation) from the Board.

The message is clear to property owners: Be real nice and give up your land voluntarily, or we will just take it!

This pipeline project is part of the great plot I’ve been warning about for more than 30 years. The same scheme is repeated in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the Green New Deal, and now the Great Reset. President George H. W. Bush signed us into Agenda 21 at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. In the subsequent book Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet, its radical promoters wrote that “effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced.”

America’s farmers are now on the front lines of the ground war to force that reorganization. Pipeline planners won’t build along the edges of farmland; the pipeline will drive right through the middle, rendering much of the property useless. As their land is confiscated, farmers won’t be allowed to grow food. Crops wouldn’t grow anyway, because the first step to installing pipelines is ripping up topsoil.

If they sign easements to voluntarily give up their land, farmers are promised that they will be paid, in the next year, 80 percent of what crop production would have garnered. Sixty percent is promised for the second year, and 40 percent for the third year. Little is mentioned regarding compensation after that.

As less farmland is available, the Great Reset scheme is to grow most of our food inside factories, providing only synthetic substitutes such as the fake meat currently on the market. It’s interesting to note that Bill Gates is right in the middle of this scheme. He’s been busy buying up millions of acres of farmland, and he’s one of the biggest promoters of synthetic beef.

The Hoax

The climate-change threat is a complete hoax, designed to create fear and get you to voluntarily give up your liberties. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to back up the claims of catastrophic man-made global warming.

Yet the alleged goal of eco-radicals is to reduce mankind’s “carbon footprint.” That is the drive behind carbon-capture pipelines as well as the push to claim thousands more acres for wind and solar farms. These latter will supposedly replace oil and gas power plants, facilities that take up only a few acres each.

The manufacture, operation, and maintenance of wind and solar require huge amounts of resources: oil, copper, iron ore, limestone, steel, lithium, aluminum, graphite, cobalt, silicon, nickel, chromium, zinc, and other rare earth metals. A World Bank study published in 2017 admitted that “clean energy” technology is “significantly more material intensive” than hydrocarbon energy sources, and that estimate didn’t even consider farmland destruction.

Wind and solar farms destroy the environment by cluttering formerly scenic views, and setting up thousands of acres for potential dust-bowl conditions. Turbines kill birds; nothing grows under solar panels. Valuable habitat is destroyed.

So is farmland. Today, the same forces behind wind and solar schemes push carbon capture. The most important food-producing farmland in the nation is about to be confiscated for the supposed cause of environmental protection. What it will produce is environmental degradation and food shortages.

And there is this shocking news: Carbon-capture pipelines are proven to be major health hazards to people living close to them. A pipeline in Mississippi ruptured near the small town of Satartia. A green cloud descended over the town, blocking oxygen and creating a foul smell. Dozens of people became disoriented, nauseated, and dazed. Many collapsed in their homes. First responders had no idea how to deal with it. Even car engines shut off, because they also need oxygen to run. Months later, people are still dealing with mental fogginess and other health problems.

The Victory

Opposition across Iowa and other affected states is strong. Public meetings designed to sell the idea are filled with citizens and property owners who oppose the scheme. Many county supervisor boards have written letters to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) to express opposition.

However, when it comes to stopping the pipeline altogether, their commitment is weak. Some county officials have already surrendered to this tyranny, saying, “There’s not much we can do. It looks like it’s just going to happen.” One newspaper reported that “local governments have no legal power to stop carbon dioxide pipelines.”

They are wrong!

That’s why, with the help of John Birch Society chapter leaders, I went to Iowa and barnstormed the state. The good news is that no land has yet been taken. Pipelines are still in the planning stage. I provided a series of plans on how citizens can organize and make this a very public issue. They don’t have to just accept it! Plus, I gave elected officials a full game plan for fighting this in local and state government.

First, citizens and their elected representatives must understand that these companies behind the pipeline are private. They don’t have the power to enforce eminent domain. They must have government force behind them. That’s why they are looking to the Iowa Utilities Board as their ace to take the land. I have a plan to stop that.

Speaking directly to county supervisors, I didn’t pull any punches. Frankly, I was appalled that most of the county boards across the state have taken such a weak stand against the pipeline.

One county had written to the Iowa Utilities Board, pleading with them not to invoke eminent domain. The letter ended: “we respectfully ask that you refrain from utilizing eminent domain in your pursuits.”

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Their future is not bright: Eco-radicals propose replacing hydrocarbon energy sources such as oil and gas with millions of acres of inefficient solar farms, destroying the farming potential of that land. (AP Images)

I read that line to them in my public meeting and asked, “This is how you represent your people? By pleading? Shameful!”

“You are the body directly elected by the people to protect their rights,” I told them.

“You must take direct action to do that!”

Here’s how: First, stop taking the coward’s way out by hiding behind an unelected, appointed board that doesn’t represent the people.

Second, prepare solid legislation to protect the property rights of those in the path of the pipeline. Quite simply, declare your county protected from the pipeline.

Third, reach out to other county boards. Encourage them to take the same action in their counties. Then, counties can lock arms and stand firm. They will create an impenetrable wall in their state, which private companies and appointed boards cannot pierce.

One more piece to the puzzle will end the threat and assure victory. Strongly constitutional sheriffs will enforce property-rights legislation and arrest any representatives of these companies that come on private land to map it and pressure landowners.

To assure these tactics are used, dedicated local citizens must demand that their elected representatives act. Then the citizens must organize to support them. Working together in that way, community by community, will result in this outrageous carbon-capture pipeline never being built!

I must tell you, the response from my audiences was powerful. As I write this, they are now working to build the effective organization I recommended. Citizens must do the work to convince their county boards of supervisors to act. I am now getting reports from citizen leaders that this is starting to happen. Opposition is building.

In fact, after I returned home, I was thrilled to receive a report that two counties in South Dakota (Brown and Spink) have just passed moratoriums blocking any permits or construction on the pipeline!

This is what we can accomplish when we take a strong stand and refuse to buckle under.


Americans are waking up to the nightmarish reality of Agenda 2030.

Unfortunately, this is expensive education.

Many Iowa landowners have received letters telling them that a carbon-capture pipeline project is being planned and set to run through their property. They are being “asked” to grant easements onto their land. Those who don’t comply are learning they’ve been made offers they can’t refuse. Many have received letters saying eminent domain may be used to run roughshod over their property rights.

(Read more about what is happening in Iowa here.)

As a result, these tough Midwesterners are pushing back. Many farms have been in the family for generations. Irate lowans have packed local meetings and hosted their own gatherings to learn and teach others about the threat, and organize resistance. They’ve emailed, called and told their elected officials in-person to stand up for their constituents and against the pipeline. They’re determined to stop this madness.

And madness is what it is. A CO2 pipeline is supposed to trap carbon dioxide before it enters the atmosphere and then pressurize it, liquefy it, and transport it through underground pipelines to a targeted underground location, where it will be buried and stored. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has reported that five such pipelines are in the planning or construction phases. Three of them would run through several Midwestern states surrounding Iowa.

Iowa landowners say a pipeline would destroy their land and render it useless. Check out this interview with an Iowa landowner who says exactly that.

Furthermore, these pipelines are dangerous. A similar pipeline ruptured a few years ago in Mississippi, injuring several people, some of whom have still not recovered.

JBS members and supporters need to be active in their communities. Members can work through their chapters to host activities to expose this threat to property rights, and organize other concerned citizens to put pressure on local officials to act and protect their rights.

If you’re in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska, learn about this threat and start telling your community about it, especially local officials such as commissioners, city council members, police chief, the sheriff and any influential citizens. Since this threat cuts at the ag community, make sure to tell seed dealers and related small-businesses owners about it.

Make sure your country sheriff understands it’s his duty to protect his constituents’ property rights and liberties. JBS has members who teach what it means to be a Constitutional sheriff. Reach out to your local coordinator to connect with a local Birch chapter.

If you’re in Iowa and looking to get plugged in with the JBS, contact Field Coordinator Tammy Kobza here.

If you think you’re safe just because you’re not in the Midwest, think again. This is bigger than carbon-capture pipelines. Much bigger. This is part of a global push to destroy property rights and all liberties with them. This scheme is a bona-fide Agenda 2030 plot. Here is a press release from one of the pipeline companies saying they’re working with BlackRock, the globalist asset manager bullying the corporate world with woke and destructive green policies. Be preemptive by educating your community before the Green Cartel comes to your town.