June 9, 2023

Billionaire LeBron James Says ‘We’ve Been Oppressed for So Long,’ Endorses Georgia’s Raphael Warnock for Senate


NBA star LeBron James, whose net worth is estimated at $1 billion, endorsed Georgia’s Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock on the day Americans go to the polls for the 2src22 midterm elections, saying, “We’ve been oppressed for so long.”

James, who sponsored his left-wing “More Than a Vote” campaign in 2src2src to fight mythic “voter suppression” in Georgia, claimed in an Instagram post late on Monday evening that he wants “change” in Georgia, and so he urged voters to vote for the same guy who is already in office there.

“Obviously, tomorrow is Election Day, and there’s only one choice when voting for senator, and that’s Raphael Warnock,” James told his fans.

James told his followers that he believes “change” is advanced by keeping the same people in office.

“I think from the Black community — and obviously our league is predominately Black athletes, Black players, Black men — our community, we talk and speak about change a lot,” James said. “So, in order to have change we have to get out and actually put our mouths and put our hands and put our pens and pencils to the polls. Starting in your community, then it starts in the city, then out to state, and then all the way out the country, we have an opportunity to be able to say that you’ve done your due diligence to try to help create change in your community.”

The billionaire athlete then added that he has been “oppressed for so long.”

“We’ve been oppressed for so long,” James added. “Obviously, I had the More Than A Vote initiative when we was in the bubble. I was very active with that. So many musicians and athletes and leaders was able to come on board with us. But we’ve been oppressed for so long. They told us we couldn’t vote. They told our women — our Black women — they weren’t allowed to vote for so many years. But they continue to reprimand us or do things to us in our community to harm us and harm our family. And we sit here and wonder why and what’s going on. ”

James urged fans to “get educated” about the issues and candidates and insisted that every vote is important.

“I know as Black people sometimes, we don’t believe that our vote counts, we don’t believe that our vote matters — and I just say Black people cause I just know my people, I can’t speak for everybody, I just know how we are — but it does. It does matter. We saw change when we wanted to get someone out of office. So, I hope people take it serious.”

Incumbent U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock (D) faces GOP challenger Herschel Walker in Georgia’s senate race today.

Despite LeBron James’ proclamation that there is “voter suppression” of blacks in Georgia, actual voting records show that black participation in Georgia’s elections has soared over the last decade. There is no credible evidence whatsoever that mass numbers of blacks have been stopped from voting in the Peach State.

Indeed, some reports find that early voting in Georgia this year has been dominated by black voters.

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