February 6, 2023

Democrat Frank Mrvan Holds On Despite Challenge from GOP Combat Vet Jennifer-Ruth Green


Democrat Frank Mrvan fought off a challenge from Republican Jennifer-Ruth Green for Indiana’s First Congressional District seat, according to results early Wednesday morning.

Green, a Black and Asian combat veteran and Air Force colonel, gave the freshman incumbent a good fight. Green trailed by approximately 12,srcsrcsrc votes when the race was called.

With 92% of the vote in, Mrvan had 52.8% of the vote, compared to Green’s 47.2%, according to the New York Times.

“We were able to put the first district on the map…thank you for coming alongside me in this way,” Green said in her concession speech. “Nothing worth doing is easy. Changing a district is something that doesn’t happen overnight. I believe we came within four points.”

She hinted at a potential future run.

“In two years, we have another chance,” she said. “The days of Republicans contesting the seat are clearly not over.”

The race took a nasty turn when someone in the Air Force gave Green’s service records to an opposition research firm, which exposed that she had been sexually assaulted during her military service.

Green accused Mrvan of leaking her service record to Politico 

The Air Force said it is investigating what happened.

“Based on the preliminary findings of an investigation, it appears information from Jennifer-Ruth Green’s service record was released to a third party by a junior individual who didn’t follow proper procedures and obtain required consent. The Department of the Air Force takes its responsibility to safeguard private information seriously and the matter remains under investigation,” Air Force Spokeswoman Ann Stefanik said in a statement.

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