February 8, 2023

The January 6 Committee Unfair Circus

January jobs report: 225,000 added, unemployment at 3.6%This was a shameful and unfair circus planned by Pelosi and her allies, but its recommendation was expected! How about the FBI assets who were part of the assault on the Capitol together with Antifa criminals? How about the four capitol police officers who removed the wooden barriers and opened the very thick Columbus metal doors and invited people to enter peacefully to the Capitol? Stop talking about democracy when the the FBI, DHS, and Director of National Intelligence personnel met weekly with Joel Roth of Twitter to coordinate the censoring of Donald Trump, Republicans, and conservative patriots while covering up all the crimes of the Biden family all over the world. Stop talking about democracy when the Biden campaign colluded with all of Big Tech to rig the 2020 and 2022 elections!
Why did Pelosi refused President Trump offer to send National Guard soldiers to the Capitol? Why Pelosi refused the offer of the Republic Minority of the House Kevin McCarthy to appoint members to the January 6 Committee as is always done? Why call it an insurrection to January 6 and do nothing to communists Antifa and BLM members who engaged in bloody riots in almost 600 cities that killed and injured police officers and Americans and no arrests but lots of support by the communist Democratic Party? That was a massive insurrection not January 6.
– Frank de Varona
The January 6 committee on Monday referred former president Donald Trump to the Department of Justice for prosecution on four charges related to his conduct leading up to and during the riot that occurred in the Capitol in the wake of his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. The referrals include obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the U.S., making a false statement, and inciting an insurrection, the last of which could disqualify Trump from holding public office in the future.
Trump attempted to “disrupt the peaceful transition of power” in a grave betrayal of duty as outlined in the “take care” clause of the Constitution and in a “crime against democracy,” committee member and Democratic representative Jamie Raskin said. Enough evidence was collected to merit the referrals, he added.
The committee also voted to refer four Republican lawmakers, including House minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Representatives Jim Jordan, Scott Perry, and Andy Biggs, to the House Ethics Committee over their refusal to honor the panel’s subpoenas. Lawyer John Eastman, who the committee argued invented the strategy that would ask then-vice president Mike Pence to reject electoral votes that were unfavorable to former president Trump, also was slapped with a criminal referral.
The panel then unanimously voted to send the referrals of Trump and other officials who resisted subpoenas to testify about the “insurrection” to the Department of Justice, which the chairman and representative Bennie Thompson obliged. “This committee is nearing the end of its work. But as a country, we remain in strange and uncharted waters. We’ve never had a President of the United States stir up a violent attempt to block the transfer of power,” Thompson said. “If we are to survive as a nation of laws and democracy, this can never happen again.”