November 30, 2023

Julia Fox ducks reporters as her younger brother gets indicted for guns, drugs

Julia Fox ducked reporters and hid behind a burly bodyguard in a Manhattan courtroom Wednesday as her kid brother got indicted on a slew of gun and drug charges.

Fox, wearing a brown belted jacket with a necklace over a printed tee shirt and brown pants and carrying a pink pocketbook was largely mum as she sat with other relatives to watch as Christopher Fox pleaded not guilty to the felony raps.

The “Uncut Gems” actress, 33, then dashed out of the courthouse and out of sight.

Her 30-year-old brother, Christopher Fox, was arrested last month and charged with using a 3D printer to manufacture gun parts that could be assembled and sold as untraceable “ghost guns.”

The troubled celebrity sibling is free on a $450,000 bond partially secured by his famous sister, who listed her occupation as “actress/model” on the bail receipt with the word “retired” penciled in.

The bond was secured with assets belonging to her and Christopher’s dad Thomas Fox, who was also taken into custody with his son but was not charged.

Authorities say the investigation into the alleged operation is ongoing.

“Christopher Fox fully equipped himself with an arsenal of materials to operate a ghost gun and narcotics factory out of his home,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement following Fox’s arraignment on the indictment.

Julia Fox inside Manhattan court.
Actress Julia Fox co-signed her brother’s $450,000 bond after he was arrested last month on a slew of gun and drug charges.
Steven Hirsch
Christopher Fox inside Manhattan court
Christopher Fox was back in court Wednesday, and pleaded not guilty to a felony indictment in the case
Steven Hirsch

“His use of 3D printing to manufacture parts for assault-style weapons serves as another example of just how easy and cheap it is to create dangerous firearms in a home or apartment,” Bragg said. “With just a couple clicks online and a few hundred dollars, these guns can be created without any background check or license.”

Prosecutors allege in the indictment handed up Monday that Fox raked in about $345,000 in illicit gun sales through his CashApp account between March 2018 and December 2022.

They said Fox bought at least 190 items used to assemble firearms and print 3D weapons.

Investigators raided his Upper East Side apartment on March 8, and found two 3D-printed firearm silencers, two 3D-printed large capacity magazines, five 3D-printed unfinished frames or receivers, four 3D-printed upper receivers and multiple rounds of ammunition, authorities said.

Christopher Fox inside Manhattan court
Julia Fox previously referred to her brother as “a mad scientist recluse” who “builds 3D printers for fun.”
Steven Hirsch
Alec Tabak

The printed parts are typically sold piecemeal and used to assemble ghost guns — which are manufactured without serial numbers and are therefore untraceable.

Cops also found drugs, drug paraphernalia and chemicals in his apartment, including pressure cookers, fentanyl, chloroform, heroin, crack and cocaine, prosecutors said.

Amid the contraband recovered inside the 84th Street apartment were thousands of dollars worth of high-end wine bottles, law enforcement sources said.

Christopher Fox arrest.
Manhattan prosecutors said cops found 3D printing machines and nearly 200 gun parts inside Christopher Fox’s apartment when it was raided on March 8.

Fox is facing more than a dozen charges in the case, including weapons possession, drug possession with intent to sell, among other counts.

Julia Fox has spoken out in the past about growing up in the Big Apple with her single dad and troubled brother and has said she does not often get a chance to see them.

In a 2019 interview with the entertainment site, she called her brother “a mad scientist recluse” who “builds 3D printers for fun.”

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