July 21, 2024

FNC’s Turley: I Don’t See How the Trump Conviction Stands Up on Appeal

Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” that he does not see how former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict can be sustained.

Co-host Sandra Smith said, “I want to move on to the Trump latest, because here we are, Monday, fresh off the Trump trial and the guilty verdict for the former president.”

She asked, “Where do you see it going now that you’ve had a weekend to think about it?”

Turley said, “Few people outside of Manhattan have a lot of faith in the New York system right now. Former President Trump may have some slow sliding initially on appeal but many of us see layers of reversible error here, and it could end up in front of the Supreme Court. I personally don’t see how this verdict can be sustained. I was in that courtroom, and I was shocked by how the court was ruling. I would hope that eventually, maybe not initially, that eventually, an appeal will prevail in the verdict will be thrown out.

Co-host John Roberts asked, “Is there a possibility of this going to the Supreme Court before it goes to the appellate court in New York on an emergency petition?”

Turley said, “I would bet against it.”

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