July 21, 2024

Iran Says Warship ‘Lost Its Balance’ and Capsized While in Port for Repairs

Iranian navy light frigate Sahand capsized while alongside for repairs in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, Iranian state media reported on Sunday.

“As Sahand was being repaired at the wharf, it lost its balance due to water ingress. Fortunately …the vessel is being returned to balance quickly,” the official news agency IRNA reported, citing a navy statement as seen by Reuters.

It did not specify when the accident occurred.

State media carried a picture of a capsized ship and said several people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Iranian frigate “Sahand” of the Southern Fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy takes part in the military parade during celebrations for Navy Day, in Kronshtadt outside St.Petersburg, Russia, Sunday, July 25, 2021. (AP Photo)

Iran reports also said the incident was the result of a technical failure during a repair operation and stern questions will now be asked of those thought to have contributed to the incident.

Sahand is a 315-foot Moudge class frigate in the Southern Fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, based on the British designed Vosper Mark 5.

The ship is 12 years old and is among the most modern surface combatants in the country’s fleet.

It is named for the original Sahand that was sunk by the U.S. in Operation Praying Mantis during the Iran–Iraq War on 18 April 1988.

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U.S. Naval Forces Central Command / U.S. 5th Fleet

Iranian frigates have been active in the Red Sea where they are suspected of aiding the Houthis attack merchant ships. Sahand has at times been deployed there, Naval News reports.

Reports indicate the Sahand was being readied for an anti-piracy patrol mission in the Indian Ocean.

In an attempt to avert panic, Salman Zarbi, head of Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex (ISOICO) said there is still a possibility of raising the sunken vessel and making it operational, in an interview with Fars News Agency on Sunday.

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