August 15, 2022

China’s Sinovac Claims Vaccine, Offering No Protection with Two Doses, Magically 94% Effective Against Omicron After Booster

The Chinese company Sinovac Biotech issued the dubious claim on Wednesday that a third “booster” shot of its coronavirus vaccine product, “Coronavac,” would raise its efficacy against the Omicron variant of Chinese coronavirus from zero to 94 percent. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) announced the discovery of the Omicron variant of the Chinese coronavirus in…

On This Labor Day Please Remember the 94 Million Killed by Communist Workers Party in the 20th Century

Labor Day is Communist Workers Party Remembrance Day. On this Labor Day please remember the 94 million brutally murdered, starved, beaten to death and assassinated by Communist regimes in the 20th Century. reported: According to a disturbingly pleasant graphic from Information is Beautiful entitled simply 20th Century Death, communism was the leading ideological cause […]

ISIS Turkey wedding bombing: 22 killed and 94 injured after suicide bomb attack

Obama says ISIS is just a ‘JV” team. Obama says ISIS is on the run. Obama says we are winning the war against ISIS. Obama’s “favorite” and most “trusted ally” President Erdogan has quietly aided, armed and abetted ISIS. He played with fire and his people are paying the price. And so is Europe. Turkey […]