September 29, 2022

Are Latinos Really Abandoning Dems? Poll Analysis Gives New Insight

Analysis from election forecaster Sabato’s Crystal Ball released Thursday argues that Latino voters’ recent shift toward the Republican Party may not be permanent.Former President Donald Trump performed better with Latinos in 2020 than he did in 2016, but there does not appear to be a long-term shift in the demographic’s voting habits, wrote political scientist…

Rep. Stephanie Murphy Flames Party For Promising ‘Rainbows And Unicorns,’ Abandoning Moderates

Retiring Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy called out Democratic leadership for repeatedly siding with the left flank of the party against moderate members during a Friday interview.Murphy, a co-chair of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition, speculated that congressional leaders direct left-leaning interest groups to advocate for their specific positions and browbeat moderates. She noted her experience…

Trump Blasts Gen. Milley at Save America Rally for Abandoning Military Equipment in Afghanistan

Former President Donald J. Trump blasted General Mark Milley for the abandoned military equipment in Afghanistan at the Save America Rally on October 9, in Des Moines, Iowa. Trump stated that when he was President, Milley told him, “It’s cheaper to leave the equipment than it is to take it.” “When Milley told me that,…

Congress Rebuffs Obama and Kerry for Abandoning American Policy on Israel

Congress’s decision goes a long way to restoring America’s reputation and integrity By a vote of 342-80 Congress resolved on 5 January 2017: “the passage of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 undermined the long-standing position of the United States to oppose and veto United Nations Security Council resolutions that seek to impose solutions to […]


The Paris attacks and several recent foreign-policy fumbles are leading conservatives in Iowa to abandon Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson for rival Ted Cruz. “He’s a great guy, he’s fun to listen to, but I didn’t hear anything substantive,” Alan Hilgerson, a physician in Des Moines, told Politico. He said that national security was an […]


Today is the dawn of a new era in the Middle East. The United States of America has publicly endorsed its former enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, in its quest for regional dominance. Our Jewish and Arab friends look on in horror. Thinking about this deal reminds me of when Hassan Rouhani, the President […]