June 9, 2023

Trump Responds to Clinton’s ‘Fantasy’ Acceptance Speech at the Democratic Convention

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, unloaded on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a blistering series of tweets and a bold statement Thursday night following the former secretary of state’s acceptance speech at her party’s convention. He asserted Clinton is “unfit to lead the country” because she wants to increase the number of […]

WOW: Look what Bill Clinton was doing during Hillary’s acceptance speech…

If you were having a hard time hanging on all the way through newly-minted Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech, you weren’t alone. Even one of her supposed biggest supporters, her husband Bill Clinton, couldn’t even stay awake apparently. Watch:     Notice vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine apparently trying to pretend it’s not happening […]


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Republican nominee Donald Trump’s use of the ‘Believe in America’ in his speech at the Republican convention perhaps heralds an age of new international populist collaboration. Speaking in front of the crowd at the Republican National Convention (RNC) tonight Mr. Trump hit several regular populist talking points: immigration and the criminality that […]