May 20, 2022

Poll: Majority of Democrat Voters Think Strict Gun Control Doesn’t Affect Crime Levels

A Trafalgar Group poll of likely general election voters from the Democrat Party shows a majority of respondents believe “the strict gun laws in most major cities” do not in any way curb the “current retail crime surge.” The Trafalgar poll was conducted December 17, 2021, through December 22, 2021. The poll showed that 47.1 percent…

This charge dismissal may affect the jury in the Rittenhouse trial | Wake Up America

How Much Will Tax Reform Really Affect the American Family?

Liberals and most media publications have been quick to jump on the new tax reform plan, criticizing it for being bad for the middle class, or putting pressure on the American family. But what effects will the new tax plan really have on the American family? Are there going to be major changes, or have […]

How the GOP Tax Bill Will Affect the Economy.

The House passed its version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Thursday, a bill that would reform the tax code by lowering marginal rates for most households, corporations, and small businesses. The Senate is also working on its own version of the bill. Though the complete details are yet to be finalized, both […]