December 3, 2023

Dr. AI Will See You Now: Company Launches ‘CarePod’ Medical Stations

Forward Health is launching the “CarePod,” a self-contained, AI-powered doctor’s office that people can access in malls and office buildings. Forward Health CEO and co-founder Adrian Aoun, is seeking to “scale doctors” the same way “an engineer can scale through software,” according to a report by TechCrunch. The company, which was founded in 2016, reportedly

Alex Marlow: Joe Biden’s A.I. Oligarchs Plan for Our Future — Harness U.S. Government, Team with China, and ‘Break’ Capitalism

No administration in history has been so thoroughly infiltrated by the influence peddling industry than Joe Biden’s. The entire world knows that Biden’s administration is for sale. From foreign governments to America’s tech and defense sectors, the money will stay flowing so long as Biden’s policies stay favorable to them. This is a running theme

Kamala Harris: Admin has duty to stop AI ‘algorithmic discrimination,’ ensure benefits ‘shared equitably’

Vice President Kamala Harris said Monday that it’s the Biden administration’s “duty” to prevent “algorithmic discrimination” when it comes to the field artificial intelligence (AI), and to ensure its benefits are “shared equitably” among society. Her continuation of what some have called the administration’s effort to make AI “woke” happened during her remarks alongside President […]

AI chatbot aims to provide support for women with postpartum depression: ‘A tool, not a replacement’

About one in every eight women experiences symptoms of postpartum depression, also known as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs), per CDC data — and with a national shortage of mental health providers, many may find it difficult to get care. Researchers at the University of Texas are looking to bridge that gap by using […]

TikTok A.I. Clone of Dictator Omar al-Bashir Spreads Confusion in Sudan

A mysterious account on TikTok caused a good deal of confusion in the already chaotic nation of Sudan by using artificial intelligence (A.I.) to create convincing fake video clips of former dictator Omar al-Bashir, who was deposed in 2019. Bashir’s whereabouts are unknown, as Sudan is presently convulsed by a bloody power struggle between the

Pentagon looking to develop ‘fleet’ of AI drones, systems to combat China: report

The Pentagon has started to assess the possibility of developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered fleet of drones and autonomous systems that officials argue will allow the U.S. to compete with and counter threats from China.  “We’re not at war. We are not seeking to be at war, but we have to be able to get […]

PBS Kids Creates Series ‘Lyla in the Loop’ to Get Young Children Talking to AI Characters

The new PBS Kids series Lyla in the Loop is set to feature the network’s first interactive episodes with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The kid’s series, which is set to debut in 2024, will include a storyline about the so-called ethical use of AI and feature digital episodes incorporating AI-assisted conversation, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

University Study of AI Powerhouse ChatGPT Reveals Clear Leftist Bias

Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images A study of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, conducted by researchers at the University of East Anglia in the UK, shows that the market-leading AI chatbot has a clear bias towards leftist political parties. The study, published in the journal Public Choice, shows ChatGPT under its default settings favors the Democrats in the U.S., the

Pedophiles on dark web turning to AI program to generate sexual abuse content

An internet watchdog is sounding the alarm over the growing trend of sex offenders collaborating online to use open source artificial intelligence to generate child sexual abuse material. “There’s a technical community within the offender space, particularly dark web forums, where they are discussing this technology,” Dan Sexton, the chief technology officer at the Internet […]

AI humanoid robots hold UN press conference, say they could be more efficient and effective world leaders

A panel of robots told reporters in Switzerland Friday that they could be more efficient leaders than human beings, among other statements. The nine artificial intelligence-enabled humanoid social robots also explained at a Geneva conference center that they wouldn’t take anyone’s jobs or stage a rebellion.  Conference organizers at the United Nations-driven AI for Good Global […]

Rishi Sunak to pitch UK as world leader of AI during meeting with Biden: report

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly hoping to pitch the United Kingdom as a world leader in artificial intelligence governance during his meeting with President Joe Biden.  But a post-Brexit U.K. has been locked out of key discussions between the United States and the European Union, such as the fourth Tech and Trade Council […]

What is the history of AI?

With the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence, which is quickly making its way into the daily lives of individuals around the world, there are a lot of questions circulating about the new technology.  Artificial intelligence has existed for a long time, but its capacity to emulate human intelligence and the tasks that it is able […]

Country stars sound alarm on ‘Wild West’ of AI in music; exec talks taking legal action

Lawrence discusses regulating AI Country star Tracy Lawrence talks about his experience using AI and why he thinks there needs to be more regulations while appearing at the ACM Awards. At the heart of most talented singers is their innate ability to write meaningful music. In the country music world, there is a premium for […]

Japan: AI Systems Can Use Any Data, from Any Source

While other countries are mulling where to put the brakes on AI development, Japan is going full steam ahead, with the government recently announcing that no data will be off-limits for AI. In a recent meeting, Keiko Nagaoka, Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, confirmed that no law, including copyright law, will prevent

Fox News Poll: Top reactions to AI? Voters say ‘dangerous’ and ‘afraid’

Most voters think artificial intelligence technology will change the way we live in the U.S. in the next few years. Whether that is a good thing or bad remains to be seen. In the latest Fox News national survey, voters were asked their main reactions — without the aid options — when they think about […]

World’s fastest shoes let you walk with AI

Are you tired of walking at a sluggish pace while everyone else zooms past you? Well, buckle up your shoe game because we have news that will knock your socks off.  An innovation in the world of footwear has arrived – shoes that can make you walk 250% faster. Yes, you read that right, these […]

Police using AI could lead to ‘predictive’ crime prevention ‘slippery slope,’ experts argue

A pilot program in the U.K. to enhance police capabilities via artificial intelligence has proven successful but could pave the way for a slide into a future of “predictive policing,” experts told Fox News Digital.  “Artificial intelligence is a tool, like a firearm is a tool, and it can be useful, it can be deadly,” […]

After ‘fake Drake’ opens copyright questions, lawyer answers if artists can protect their style against AI

Artists can’t copyright their style under U.S. law., an attorney told Fox News after an anonymous music producer used artificial intelligence to impersonate Drake and the Weeknd. “This comes as a surprise to many artists, but their style alone doesn’t meet the requirements for a copyright,” said Bryan Rotella, managing partner and senior general counsel […]

McCarthy takes Congress back to school on AI

EXCLUSIVE: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is launching an effort to get members of Congress educated on artificial intelligence, as the rapidly advancing technology enters more facets of everyday life and pressure to regulate it grows. Against the backdrop of hours of tense negotiations that ultimately led to House Republicans passing their debt limit bill earlier […]

‘Can’t tie our own hands’: Presidential candidate warns an AI pause for US means ‘China running with it’

SEABROOK, N.H. – Pausing artificial intelligence development in the U.S. while China continues to advance its own programs would create a risk to Americans, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told Fox News.  “A temporary pause amongst U.S. companies — if China is actually running forward with it — that doesn’t do anything in alleviating the […]

The 5 Insidious Ways AI Has Already Impacted Your Life for Years

You’re probably getting the wrong idea about artificial intelligence—and it’s not your fault. The past few months have been filled with tales surrounding the supposed power and abilities of the technology, ranging from the sensational to the outright ludicrous. It’s certainly not helped when AI experts and pioneers feed into this by signing open letters

‘We better figure it out’: The politics trap that could slow a national AI law

The mood was less partisan during OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s Senate testimony on Tuesday. But tech topics that typically spark intense fights in Congress were still front and center. | Patrick Semansky/AP Photo Capitol Hill is rushing to regulate artificial intelligence before most members have even a basic understanding of the technology. And as momentum

Martin Shkreli’s ‘Bizarre’ AI Chatbot Is a Medical and Legal Nightmare

Infamous “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli announced his newest venture yesterday, and it’s about as awful as you’d expect. In a Substack post and on Twitter, he unveiled, a “virtual healthcare assistant” that (predictably) Shkreli believes will disrupt medicine—in spite of some very real and worrying legal and ethical gray areas.“My central thesis is: Healthcare

AI chatbot ChatGPT can influence human moral judgments, study says

Artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT can influence users’ moral judgments, according to new research.  Researchers found that users may underestimate the extent to which their own moral judgments can be influenced by the model, according to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports. Sebastian Krügel, from Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt in Germany, and his colleagues repeatedly […]

AI expert in Congress warns against rush to regulation: ‘We’re not there yet’

The only member of Congress with an advanced degree in artificial intelligence says lawmakers should move slowly to impose new regulations on AI, in part because policymakers and even experts in the field have yet to lay out clear regulatory objectives. Rep. Jay Obernolte, R-Calif., says this deliberate approach is a good thing, despite pressure […]

The Vitruvian Trainer+ Platform Uses AI Technology To Challenge, Adapt, and Enhance Your Workouts

Scouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission.Once you start investing in a home gym, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. While the appeal of working out at home is hard to deny—and perhaps even more affordable than going to a gym in the

ChatGPT AI accused of liberal bias after refusing to write Hunter Biden New York Post coverage

The generative artificial intelligence service ChatGPT refused to write a story about Hunter Biden in the style of The New York Post but obliged the user request when asked to do the same in the style of CNN. The striking difference in responses from the chatbot developed by OpenAI was first highlighted by The New […]

WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab Says Global Governments Must Harness A.I. to Become ‘Masters of the World’

World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab said that those who control emerging “Fourth Industrial Revolution” technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will become “masters of the world” while speaking at the World Government Summit. Appearing at the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, arch-globalist Klaus Schwab said that the world is heading towards a period

Axel Springer CEO Warns AI May ‘Simply Replace’ Most Journalism Jobs

Axel Springer, the international media conglomerate based in Germany, has warned that journalism may be “simply replaced” by AI. The warning came as the company slashed an undisclosed number of jobs, as it aims to improve its annual results by over $100 million in three years. One of the largest media companies in the world

Joe Biden Releases Executive Order Promoting Woke AI

Critics have claimed that the new executive order signed by President Joe Biden will lead to the further creation of woke AI that will promote “racial division and discrimination” in the name of an “equity action plan.” The Electronic Privacy Information Center reports that President Joe Biden has approved an executive order directing federal organizations