June 28, 2022

Here's why a SpaceX astronaut bought a Ford instead of a Tesla

Sian Proctor made history in September she became the first Back female pilot of a spacecraft during a SpaceX mission, but she won’t be flying around on Earth in one of Elon Musk’s Teslas. Sian Proctor was ferried to the launch pad in a Tesla Model X. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) The geoscientist, who was a member […]

Report: Marxist Black Lives Matter Co-founder Bought Four Homes since 2016

Patrisse Khan-Cullors, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement and a “trained Marxist,” is reported to have bought four homes over the past several years, as her activist profile grew and protests raged around the country. Last week, real estate website Dirt.com reported that the “37-year-old social justice visionary” Khan-Cullors had bought…

RIGGED: Donna Brazile Claims Team Clinton Bought Off DNC

In a blistering piece in POLITICO published early Thursday morning, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile eviscerates her predecessor, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and accuses Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of rigging the primary process against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Brazile writes that when she took over the DNC — after Wasserman Schultz was forced […]