June 4, 2020

Noted Catholic Scholar Calls for Westerners to Wake Up to Islam’s Violent Nature

In a sobering reflection on the history and character of Islam, a celebrated Catholic scholar is calling on the world to open its eyes to the reality of Muslim violence as intrinsic to the nature of Islam itself, rather than its abuse. Known as an “old-school Jesuit,” Father James V. Schall taught Political Philosophy in […]

Democracy Spring: An Assault on Free Political Speech

Democracy Spring (DS) was established as a political movement in early 2016 to warn Americans that “our democracy is in crisis” because U.S. “elections are dominated by billionaires and big-money interests who can spend unlimited sums of money on political campaigns to protect their special interests at the general expense.” Though DS did not mention […]

Easter in the Islamic State: ISIS crucifies Catholic priest

More blood on Obama’s hands as he continues to ignore the genocide of Christians, thereby aiding and abetting the Islamic State. Mind you, the Indian government made all out efforts to secure the release of Father Tom Uzhunnalil, who was abducted in Yemen last month. Officials there scrambled to save the Catholic priest kidnapped by […]

Must-Read: The High Cost of Doing Business in Cuba

‘A Series of Razors Waiting to Cut You’: The High Cost of Doing Business in Cuba Sarkis Yacoubian swore he was just a businessman, but the state security agents holding him in a Havana interrogation room called him a spy. It was July 2011, and Yacoubian, then 51, had been working in Cuba for nearly […]

Between a Historic Milestone and the Horror of History

A “historic milestone”: This is what Americans call President Obama’s visit to the Cuba of Fidel and Raul Castro. That is, the Cuba that has not had a legitimate president for 64 years. And a Cuba that is of the caste of children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren, all named Castro. All of them visible in […]

Pro-jihad hatemonger addresses Catholic school kids in Florida

Despite the continuing Muslim genocide of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, American Catholic leaders continue not only to turn a blind eye to jihad terror and the persecution of their fellow Christians, but are actively aiding and abetting the forces that are persecuting them. Last month, the entire student body of St. Petersburg […]


The voters should have a say in filling this crucial Supreme Court vacancy. The Senate should not confirm any nominee until we have a new President next year. When President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to replace the recently deceased Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court, many of Obama’s allies have called him a “moderate.” […]

Inside Communist Cuba

I recently traveled to Cuba on what is called a “people-to-people” tour – the only legal way at present for a U.S. citizen to spend any time on Castro’s island as a casual visitor. The idea, according to the U.S. Cuban Assets Control Regulations, is not for U.S. citizens to flit around Cuba simply as […]

Justice Scalia Was More Catholic Than the Pope

On Saturday night, a lunatic by the name of Jason Brian Dalton went on a weekend killing spree in Michigan. The next day, contradicting the official Catholic Catechism, Pope Francis called for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty. The pope doesn’t have to worry about Dalton getting the electric chair or a lethal injection. […]

Justice Scalia and Constitutional Fidelity

When the sad news came of the sudden death this past weekend of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, I wept for my friend. We had developed a happy friendship during the past 15 years, one which I had selfishly hoped would endure. He permitted his friends to see all of him. We knew him […]


Big Brother wants to be an “equal partner” with American parents in the raising of their own children, starting before they are even born. He wants to send his agents to your house for “home visits,” too. Believe it or not, two powerful arms of Obama administration, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. […]

German Catholic Church: ‘We Need A Reduction In The Number Of Refugees’

A high-ranking Catholic official has called for a reduction in the number of refugees coming to Germany. Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, cautioned Saturday that the country cannot “take in all the world’s needy.” Over one million refugees seeking asylum entered Germany in 2015 — the country currently struggles to manage […]

Marco Rubio Answers Atheist on Question of Faith

At a recent campaign event, self-described atheist, Justin Scott, confronted Sen. Rubio about his faith. Referencing one of Rubio’s latest ads, Scott explained there was concern in the non-theist community that Rubio was running to be “Pastor in Chief.” Rubio explained: “You have a right to believe in whatever you want, you have a right […]

Vice President Joe Biden’s ‘Perverted’ Thinking

Bending himself into proverbial pretzels, Vice President Joe Biden, who won’t call a jihadist a jihadist or a terrorist a terrorist, on Saturday called the slaying of four Marines and a sailor at a Chattanooga reserve center the act of a “perverted jihadist.” “Perverted” should be attached as an adjective to the title of President […]

Cardinal Wuerl: Firing Employees Opposed to Church Teaching Protects Mission of Catholic Schools

Catholic schools have “an obligation” to terminate employees who actively oppose Church teaching and whose conduct “undermines the Church’s ability to fulfill her mission,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., recently wrote in a blog post addressing the firing of a Church employee found to be in a same-sex marriage. “The purpose of our parishes, […]


Breitbart is reporting that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has launched a campaign this week (January 3-9) to urge all Catholics to press Obama to admit 200,000 refugees in the coming year (100,000 would be mostly Muslim Syrians). They make it sound like good Catholics (in parishes across America) are footing the bill by […]

House Democrats Move to Criminalize Criticism of Islam

December 17, 2015 ought henceforth to be a date which will live in infamy, as that was the day that some of the leading Democrats in the House of Representatives came out in favor of the destruction of the First Amendment. Sponsored by among others, Muslim Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, as well as […]

The Incredible Shrinking Case for Common Core

Recent statements by Common Core co-author David Coleman about Catholic education have led to a lot of confusion. What’s this about a Common Core advocate urging Catholic educators to have the “moxie” to preserve their incredible heritage and not to worry about changes to standardized tests? I’ll try to explain. Despite Coleman’s support for the […]

Florida: The Diocese of Palm Beach lied to us about Common Core

They are truly the ones who have done the most damage to our own Catholic schools and freedom of religion by going against their very own Catholic Faith and compromising their Catholic identity – denouncing our Almighty Father – and worshiping the Almighty Dollar Hope all is well on this “Feast Day of St. Bartholomew” […]


“At some point our Bishops will wake up to what they have inflicted upon innocent children who are being handed over to the enemy. How far down the road and how many children must be sacrificed to a kind of Molech before the Church steps up to save our children?” – W. Guardiola. “Rejecting Federal […]

Catholic Schools Rule Out Islam For Religious Studies: Muslim Leaders Hit Back

The Roman Catholic Church is drawing criticism for ordering its schools to teach Judaism alongside Christianity in GCSE religious studies at the exclusion of Islam or other faiths. Senior Muslim leaders say the move is “disappointing” and hit back by warning that Pope Francis’s inclusive message of greater tolerance between the faiths was being ignored. […]

Common Core Architect to Keynote National Catholic Education Conference

The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) has announced that Common Core architect David Coleman will keynote the association’s annual convention next March in San Diego, Calif., raising anew concerns that the Catholic association remains devoted to the Common Core standards despite serious concerns about their impact on Catholic schools. This comes soon after the NCEA’s […]

Empty the Prisons Bill Now on Fast Track

We are witnessing a carefully orchestrated political and media campaign to pass the George Soros-backed Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 (S.2123) on the grounds that it is “bipartisan.” But critics are calling it a soft-on-crime bill that will backfire on the Republicans who help pass it. A big hole in the congressional process […]

The Mystery of Pope Francis: Was There a Vatican Coup?

One thing that that has puzzled a lot of people since the selection of Pope Francis two years ago is how a left-leaning Pope could succeed two very serious conservative Popes—John Paul II and Benedict XVI—who you would have thought had stacked the ranks of the Cardinals with clergy that would perpetuate their theological and […]

Watermelon Pope: Green on the Outside, Red Within

In his address to a joint meeting of Congress, Pope Francis delivered the latest installment of his ongoing environmental lecture series to the West—reminding us yet again that the “environmental challenge” called “climate change” has “human roots” – a contentious hypothesis at best. The pope’s message echoed that of his recently published climate-change encyclical, where […]

Repent! Pope Francis lectures America

Francis opens last day of Washington visit with rebuke of congressional Republicans over lack of compassion for immigrants and refugees Francis lectures lawmakers about ‘defend[ing] human life at every stage of its development’ and ending the death penalty Subtle jab at gay marriage: ‘I cannot hide my concern for the family, which is threatened, perhaps […]

Pope Francis Arrives in U.S. for Historic First Visit

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pope Francis arrived Tuesday on the first visit of his life to the United States, bringing his “church of the poor” to the world’s wealthiest superpower and a country polarized over issues closest to his heart: immigration, social injustice and economic inequality. According a rare honor to the pontiff, President Barack Obama […]

Miami Priest to Pope Francis: Why Condemn Capitalism So Strongly, but Not Communism?

Prominent Cuban-American priest, Father Alberto Cutié, questions Pope Francis’ apparently warm attitude towards the Castro dictatorship during his visit to Cuba this week, asking in a Miami Herald column, “Why do you so strongly condemn capitalism … but we never see an equally strong condemnation of atheist communism?” Writing for the Spanish-language El Nuevo Herald, […]

Is Francis Ready for a Confrontation at the Cuban Altar?

Catholic and international media are abuzz over Pope Francis’ trip to Cuba, the third consecutive pope to visit this island thoroughly destroyed by the two Castro brothers. The Castros have utterly ruined this onetime bastion of Roman Catholicism with a cruel, morally unconscionable Marxist-Leninist atheism. A dozen Hurricane Katrinas could not have generated the mass […]


THE BIG IDEA: SIMI VALLEY, Calif.—Carly Fiorina, who was stuck at the kids’ table during the first debate, has emerged as the undisputed victor of the second. She’s a non-politician and a fighter in a moment when those qualities are in high demand by the Republican base. She’s the only woman running at a time […]