November 30, 2023

African Cardinal Warns of ‚ÄėImplicit Bias Against Christianity‚Äô in the West

ROME ‚ÄĒ A leading African cardinal said last weekend religious liberty is ‚Äúunder threat‚ÄĚ in the West where there is an ‚Äúimplicit bias against Christianity.‚ÄĚ Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, the former head of the Vatican‚Äôs Congregation for Divine Worship, told EWTN News Sunday that religious liberty is under attack around the world and must never

CBS Poll: Two-thirds of Democrats Say Islam and Christianity Are Equally Violent

Nearly 70% Of Democrats Believe Other Religions Are Just As Deadly As Islam A recent CBS Poll revealed that 66% of Democrats believe that Islam encourages violence just as much as other religions. Islamic Terrorists have carried out more than 30,257 terrorist attacks since 9/11 which remains the deadliest terrorist attack in world history.   […]

Pope Francis Equates Christianity to Communism

In an interview with Pope Francis published November 11 by the Italian newspaper,¬†Repubblica, the supreme authority of the Catholic Church equated Christianity with Communism when asked about¬†his views on Marxist ideology. ‚ÄúIt is the communists, in all cases, that think like Christians. Christ has spoken of a society where the poor, the weak and the […]

Hillary Clinton’s Insidious Threat to Traditional Christianity

Conservative Christian support for Donald Trump has become something of a scandal of late. But no matter how odious the Republican nominee’s faults may be, religious believers must not be fooled ‚ÄĒ Hillary Clinton represents a terrifying threat to religious freedom and traditional faith in general. Last April, Clinton infamously declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, […]

Robert Jeffress: Obama Plan to Accept 110,000 More Refugees ‘Rooted in Insanity, Not Christianity’

Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas has blasted President Barack Obama’s plans for the United States to admit 110,000 more refugees in 2017 as “absolutely ludicrous,” and warned that terrorists today are much more likely to be Muslims than Christians or Jews. Jeffress was asked about his opinion in an interview¬†on Fox Business […]

Is American Christianity Witnessing a Revival?

If there’s one thing pastors constantly pray for, it’s a revival. Well, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, published Tuesday, their prayers are being answered ‚ÄĒ right now. More than a quarter of Americans (27 percent) say they currently attend services at least once or twice a month, but did not […]

Pope: Islam and Christianity share ‚Äúthe same idea of conquest‚ÄĚ

The Pope continues his jihad on the truth and his relentless proselytizing for Islam. I have been covering the jihad daily since 911, and I can tell you straight up that there has never been a terrorist attack by radical Christians screaming ‚ÄúJesus akbar!‚ÄĚ or invoking the name of Jesus at any time. Ever. But […]

Mideast Teachers Reveal How Islam Erases Christianity from History

Christianity is being physically erased from the Middle East with scant worldwide attention. Yet even fewer are aware that Christianity‚Äôs historical role and presence in the Middle East is also being expunged from memory. Last month, a video emerged showing Islamic State members tossing hundreds of Christian textbooks, many of them emblazoned with crosses, into […]

Christian Leader: Islam Is More Protected In America Than Christianity

A preacher at age 18, Dr. Jerry A. Johnson is now the president and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters¬†(NRB), an organization that¬†thinks our government protects Islam more than Christianity. ‚ÄúNRB wants to be for the First Amendment, what NRA [National Rifle Association] is for the Second Amendment,‚ÄĚ he says in this 22-minute exclusive video […]

Christianity In The Middle East: On The Verge Of Extinction

About 1.3 million Iraqi Christians have been displaced, murdered or taken prisoner since 2003. A centuries-old civilization now faces permanent extinction while the rest of the world, including the U.S. government, looks on. As Christians across the world begin to celebrate Christmas, the 300,000 remaining Christians displaced in Iraq and Syria are preparing for a […]

Hilary Clinton: Christians In America Must Deny Their Faith In Christianity

Hilary Clinton just said that Christians must deny their Faith through the enforcement of laws, by stating that the Christian belief in being pro-life, and anti-abortion, must change, and that this should be done through laws and ‚Äúpolitical will.‚ÄĚ If Christians must change Christian teachings in regards to abortion, then what Hilary Clinton is essentially […]

Obama‚Äôs ‚ÄėChristianity‚Äô: A Political Tool to Silence Christians

Here in the United States, where Americans are used to hearing their president always invoke Christianity as a way to silence Christians, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron‚Äôs recent Easter message was moderately refreshing. Among other things, Cameron made it a point to say ‚Äúthat we should feel proud to say, ‚ÄėThis is a Christian […]