May 30, 2020

ALERT – Weiner Thought Hillary Was Going To MURDER Him, Left THIS ‘Clue’ For FBI

Hillary Clinton has had the worst week of her entire campaign with the FBI’s letter to Congress stating that they would reopen their investigation into her email server. Then, because Anthony Weiner could not stop sexting, his stupidity is now helping put Clinton behind bars. Recently, when conducting an investigation to Anthony Weiner’s alleged sexting […]


We will not comment of the embarrassing interchange between Raul Castro and Obama, where Raul made demands appropriate of a leader of the strongest nation on earth, and our president meekly responded as one representing a small Caribbean island. I will speak to the time when he thanked Cuban physicians for “volunteering” to assist in […]

Scandinavia gets a clue about Muslim migrants

Not long ago, there were words, images, and ideas absent from our lives.  But the religion of war has invaded like a deadly disease, and savagery has afflicted civilization, as it has done, waxing and waning, for 1,400-plus years.  So that’s how you wind up with hundreds of barbarians (otherwise known as “migrants” or “asylum […]