November 30, 2023

Rob Schneider mocks the ‘liberal intelligentsia’ in ‘Woke Up in America’ comedy special

Following the release of his latest stand-up special, actor and comedian Rob Schneider doubled down on the importance of cracking jokes in the face of cancel culture. “There is no forgiveness from the liberal intelligentsia. You don’t get it,” Schneider told the “Fox & Friends” co-hosts on Monday. “So don’t bother. Just stick to your guns.” “At the end […]

SXSW Comedy ‘Bottoms’ Makes No Sense—That’s Why It’s So Wildly Brilliant

I thought I knew what high school movies were. And I thought I knew what they could be. But nothing in my storied history of clamoring for cinema’s supreme dreams of teen queens could have prepared me for Bottoms.Audiences at SXSW were warned prior to the film’s start that it wouldn’t be what they expected.

Meet the House GOP’s newly crowned comedy king

Then Rep.-elect Tim Burchett reacts after drawing his number during the Member-elect room lottery draw on Capitol Hill in Washington, Nov. 3src, 2src18. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo Every class has its clown, and in the House GOP no one has earned that reputation quite like Rep. Tim Burchett. When the Tennessee Republican first met the