December 5, 2021

Stop National Assessments! Letter to Congress

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Movement to ‘Opt Out’ of Standardized Testing Slow To Grow in Miami-Dade Schools

Across the country, parents students and teachers protest high-stakes testing by boycotting them But numbers are low in Florida and Miami-Dade Supporters say they need union support and to appeal to minorities Ceresta Smith poses with a movie bill for “Standardized,” a 2013 documentary about the adverse effects of standardized testing, on Thursday, April 21, […]

Pro-jihad hatemonger addresses Catholic school kids in Florida

Despite the continuing Muslim genocide of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, American Catholic leaders continue not only to turn a blind eye to jihad terror and the persecution of their fellow Christians, but are actively aiding and abetting the forces that are persecuting them. Last month, the entire student body of St. Petersburg […]


In this 10-minute presentation, Dr. Gary Newman of CITIZENS FOR NATIONAL SECURITY describes an insidious threat to our country embedded in textbooks currently being used in K-12 classrooms. Pro-Islamist organizations, in a shrewd effort to win the hearts and minds of our middle- and high-school children, have quietly succeeded in getting major publishers of history […]

Pearson loses huge testing contract in New York — and gets more bad news

A school bus passes a sign encouraging parents to refuse that their children take state tests in April in Rotterdam, N.Y. With standardized English tests set to begin Tuesday in New York schools, some parents are again planning to have their children sit out the exams. (AP/Mike Groll) There’s more bad news for Pearson, the world’s […]


The stories of moms and dads doing their part to fight back against the Common Core.

Protect Students from Corporate Data-Mining in the Classroom

Across the political spectrum, people are debating whether it’s a good idea to collect any personal data at all about students. We should at least agree that private companies must not use such data for their own profit. Last month, Senators Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) and Ed Markey (D., Mass.) took a step in this […]

Pope tells parents not to let children use computers in their bedrooms because of the ‘dirty content’ on the internet

Condemned ‘dirty content, pornography, semi-pornography’ on internet Pope has 19million Twitter followers, but has said he does not use the web Parents should not let children use computers in their bedrooms, the pope has said, while warning of the dangers of internet ‘filth’. Pope Francis – who has 19million Twitter followers – also revealed he […]


On February 23, 2015, the Most Reverend Archbishop George J. Lucas, Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska and Chairman of the Committee on Catholic Education of the USCCB, issued a letter to the United States House of Representatives. Bishop Lucas, in his official capacity, endorsed the Student Success Act. Go HERE to read the letter: The […]


Alex Newman is an international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. In addition to serving as president of a small media and information consulting firm, he writes for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a foreign correspondent for The New American magazine and teaches advanced economics to […]

Uncommon Naiveté in Fed’s Common Core

Over the past few months in cities throughout the country, we have seen harsh moments that have been characterized as “racial incidents.” Whether it be Ferguson, Mo., New York City, or Los Angeles, these events continue to occur in states regardless of which party dominates the political landscape. The three cities previously mentioned are considered […]

The Culture & Education Conferences MAY 1 and 2, 2015

Bear Witness Central Proudly presents The Culture & Education Conferences 2015 Jacksonville, Friday, May 1, 2015,  6:30 PM Port Orange, Saturday, May 2, 2015  The culture has been going through a deep transformation for over 50 years. This conference will address the decline in culture and the education link. A panel of distinguished speakers will […]

Opt-out movement accelerates amid Common Core testing

ATLANTA – Thousands of students are opting out of new standardized tests aligned to the Common Core standards, defying the latest attempt by states to improve academic performance. This “opt-out” movement remains scattered but is growing fast in some parts of the country. Some superintendents in New York are reporting that 60 percent or even […]

A Discussion of the Issues With the Common Core Mathematics Standards

Eighteen years ago we were 5 years in on using the old CA math standards that had been approved in 1992. The lead author of those standards was a guy by the name of Phil Daro. The most important thing about those standards – they weren’t mathematics standards at all – they were all about […]

Gates-Funded Group Pushes Common Core on Catholic Schools, Targets Cardinal Newman Society

A group funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been contacting Catholic school leaders, urging support for the Common Core standards and asking them to oppose the Cardinal Newman Society’s “Catholic Is Our Core” initiative. According to the Cardinal Newman Society, Sara Pruzin, a state operations associate for the Washington, D.C.-based Council for […]