August 8, 2022

Legendary Journey: The Kevin Sorbo Story

After 5 seasons of playing the strongest man in the world, the actor had a near-death experience that strengthened rather than diminished his faith‚ÄĒguiding a pivotal turn in his prolific careerKevin Sorbo, most recognized for his starring role in the critically acclaimed television series, ‚ÄúHercules: The Legendary Journey,‚ÄĚ is strong in more ways than one.…

New Washington Post National Editor Recuses From Covering FBI, DOJ

The Washington Post‚Äôs newly named national editor has recused herself from any coverage involving the FBI and its parent department, the Department of Justice. Matea Gold was announced as the paper‚Äôs national editor on Jan. 26. Gold is married to¬†Jonathan Lenzner, who became the chief of staff to FBI Director Christopher Wray in December 2021…

CCP Threatens Hong Kong’s Cardinal Zen and Christian Churches

Commentary During the final week of January, an ominous series of articles in Ta Kung Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper owned by China‚Äôs liaison office, accuse Cardinal Joseph Zen, bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, and Christian churches there of inciting student riots against repressive measures in 2019. Four vitriolic articles, all underscoring the need for…

Pennsylvania’s Northwest GOP Caucus Refuses to Disclose Full Straw Poll Results

It‚Äôs caucus season in Pennsylvania, when regional political party caucuses interview candidates, then hold straw polls ranking them by preference. With five Republican caucus meetings down and a final one happening Wednesday, Feb. 2, party insiders are questioning the way Pennsylvania‚Äôs Northwest Caucus handled its vote during its meeting Saturday in Knox, Pennsylvania. During the…

Biden’s Telecom Pick Gigi Sohn Denied Vote, Scheduled For Second Hearing Over Potential Conflicts

President Joe Biden‚Äôs nominee for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Gigi Sohn will have to face a second hearing and will not receive a committee vote due to lingering concerns over her past conflicts.The Senate Commerce Committee will reconsider Sohn‚Äôs nomination in a tentatively planned hearing on Feb. 9, according to two people familiar with…

Biden Administration Issues Report on Threats of Climate Change: Airlines Grounded, Food Shortages, New Global Conflicts

President Joe Biden wasted no time in making fighting so-called climate change a priority, including issuing an executive order on January 27, 2020, tasking several federal agencies with developing plans to address the issue. And now those agencies have released a report citing the most pressing threats facing the United States. The order said: It…

Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Clinton Conflicts of Interest

Unsigned Memo Contains ‚ÄėPrivate Sector Opportunities‚Äô for Bill Clinton in Haiti Memo from Clinton Foundation to State Department Lists nearly 200 Then-Current and Former Heads of State to be Invited to 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting (Washington, DC) ‚Äď Judicial Watch announced that it has received 508 pages of documents in response to a […]

Confidential Memo Exposes Conflicts Between Clinton Foundation Donors And Bill’s “For-Profit” Activities

We have written frequently in recent weeks about a feud that erupted between Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band back in 2011 after Chelsea raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest between Band’s firm, Teneo, the Clinton Foundation and the State Department (see here, here, here and here). The feud ultimately resulted in Band being forced […]

AP Story on Conflicts of Interest Puts Hillary on the Defensive

The Clinton family‚Äôs history of pay-for-play while Hillary was secretary of state is blatant, willful, and indisputable. The latest chapter in the Clintons‚Äô quid pro quo scheme was brought to light by the Associated Press. But many in the media have quickly moved past this story, even insisting that the AP was cherry-picking their data […]

Former Interior Minister Warns Merkel: Germany Is Importing ‚ÄúIslamist Extremism, Anti-Semitism, And Conflicts Of Other Nations‚ÄĚ

Germany‚Äôs security experts have rounded on the country‚Äôs leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel, warning that her immigration policy will ‚Äúproduce extremists‚ÄĚ, and stating that the country is importing¬†‚ÄúIslamist extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, [and] national and ethnic conflicts of other nations‚ÄĚ. Former¬†Interior Secretary August Hanning told Die Welt Am Sonntag (the World on Sunday):¬†‚ÄúThe German security authorities are […]