September 28, 2022

Convenient Timing: EU Fraud Agency Investigates Le Pen Ahead of French Election

PARIS (AP) โ€“ Paris prosecutors are studying a report by the European Unionโ€™s fraud agency accusing French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and other members of her nationalist party of misusing public funds while serving in the European Parliament. The report was disclosed by French investigative news site Mediapart days before Le Pen faces…

Kennedy, Clinton, and Weinstein: A Convenient Reckoning

Now itโ€™s safe to denounce the worst acts of serial abusers on the left side of the aisle. In April, the historical drama Chappaquiddick will arrive in theaters. Variety declared the film โ€œa tense, scrupulous, absorbingly precise and authentic piece of history โ€” a tabloid scandal attached to a smoke-filled-room travesty.โ€ The reviewer, Owen Gleiberman, […]