October 18, 2018

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, American justice is blind, deaf and dumb

FBI Director James Comey was summoned to Capitol Hill on Thursday to explain why orange will not be Hillary Clinton’s new black. House Republicans grilled the FBI director for hours over his recommendation not to press charges against Bill Clinton’s wife. The FBI determined she was extremely careless, but not criminal in her handling of […]


It is patently evident that the fate of the nation lies solely in the hands of the American people. Both political parties have serious flaws. The Democrats have become the party of Socialists and, thus, offer nothing for the future of America except dependence on government which ultimately and historically leads to iron-fisted control of […]

‘Death to America’ Falling on Obama’s Deaf Ears

We are well past the point where we can ever believe Obama the man because, as those prescient about Obama’s background instinctively understood, whatever was taught Obama the child is what is now being reflected in his dangerous anti-American actions. Thus, the 17th-century Jesuit-inspired quotation of “give me the child, and I will mold the […]