August 16, 2022

‘Whisky War’ With Denmark Over Tiny Arctic Island Ends Peacefully With Deal

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly has struck a historic deal with Denmark, settling a dispute stretching back five decades over a 1.3-square-kilometre island in the Arctic. Joly and the Danish foreign affairs minister Jeppe Kofod signed an agreement Tuesday to divide Hans Island, an uninhabited rock situated between Ellesmere Island, in Nunavut, and Greenland, an […]

After Suspension of Canada’s Vaccine Mandates, Groups Fighting Them Say Legal Challenges to Continue

The suspension of vaccine mandates announced by the Canadian federal government on June 14 has not thrown off balance the different parties involved in fighting the mandates in court. Some of the groups and individuals involved in challenging the mandates through the courts told The Epoch Times they plan to continue pursuing their cases to […]

Poll: Generic Republican Leads Ballot in Democrat-Held New Hampshire ‘Toss-Up’ District

A generic Republican leads on the ballot in a Democrat-held New Hampshire district rated as a “toss-up” election, according to a recent poll from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). The poll shows lousy news for Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (D-NH), who currently holds New Hamshire’s Second Congressional District. The NRCC’s polling, first reported by the Washington Examiner, showed that Republicans were…