August 17, 2022

Australian Airline Asks Executives to Work as Baggage Handlers Amid Labor Crunch

Qantas, Australia’s flag carrier, has asked its senior executives to work as baggage handlers as the company struggles to hire employees. “The high levels of winter flu and a Covid spike across the community, coupled with the ongoing tight labor market, make resourcing a challenge across our industry,” said Colin Hughes, Qantas chief operating officer, in an […]

Trump Clean-Up Denial Sweeps Country

Commentary It’s humorous though very predictable to see the muted response to former President Donald Trump’s clean-up in the latest primaries. Trump impeacher Peter Meijer was defeated in his Michigan congressional district, and then attacked the Democrats for their childishly Machiavellian wheeze of this election season, in supporting pro-Trump Republicans for the nominations on the […]

Saint Vincent Prime Minister Says Relations With Taiwan ‘Unbreakable’ Despite China’s Military Drills

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’s (SVG) relations with Taiwan are “unbreakable” and will not be intimidated by “any powers,” the Caribbean islands’ prime minister said on Sunday following China’s military drills surrounding Taiwan. SVG Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and his delegation arrived in Taiwan for a six-day visit on Aug. 7, marking his 11th visit […]

Amazon Buys Roomba Maker to Suck Up Your Dirt (and Your Data)

Cliff Owen/AP Photo Tech and e-commerce giant Amazon has reportedly purchased iRobot, the maker of the popular automated home vacuum Roomba, for $1.7 billion. Jeff Bezos’ company is likely just as interested in the ability to map customers’ homes as it is in adding vacuums to its growing empire of products and services. Bloomberg reports that…

WATCH: OAN Host BEGS Viewers For ‘Dirt’ On AT&T Executive

OAN host Dan Ball, the same host that compared Donald Trump to Jesus, pleaded with his viewers to dig up and send the …

BOOM: THE REAL RUSSIA COLLUSION CONSPIRACY! The FBI, DOJ and DNC All Sought Dirt on Trump from Former MI6 Agent Steele While He Was Being Paid By Russians!

The DNC, FBI and the DOJ all sought dirt on Presidential candidate and then President Donald J. Trump.  They were willing to work with UK MI6 Agent Christopher Steele who was also working with Russians at the same time.  This is the real Russia Collusion story. Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele was all over the […]

PAY DIRT! House Discovers FBI Had SPY Inside Trump Campaign — While Obama DOJ Wiretapped Campaign, Transition Calls.

PAY DIRT! Now we know why the Deep State has been working so hard to take down President Trump and the republic. OBAMA DEEP STATE HAD A SPY INSIDE THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN! Barack Obama, arguably the worst president in US history, was wiretapping and listening in on all of the Trump campaign and transition team […]

Hannity Digs Up Dirt On Mueller’s Past And Finds He’s Not So Clean After All.

Fox News host Sean Hannity devoted time on his Tuesday show to examining the past of special counsel Robert Mueller and his findings were intriguing. Hannity referred to a report from Fox News’ Sarah Carter citing Mueller’s career as a prosecutor in the 1980s. When Mueller was serving as assistant U.S. attorney, four men were […]

Hillary Clinton’s Empire of Dirt

The more she castigates others, the more she convicts herself. What have I become? My sweetest friend. Everyone I know Goes away in the end. You could have it all, My empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you hurt. — “Hurt,” Nine-Inch Nails For nearly 40 years, Bill and Hillary […]