August 19, 2022

Church of England Says There Is ‘No Official Definition’ of a Woman

ROME — A senior bishop of the Church of England said this week the Church has no “official definition” of a woman amidst an evolving understanding of gender in the contemporary world. Adam Kendry, a lay member of the General Synod, the Anglican Church’s legislative body, posed a written question: “What is the Church of…

New England Truckers Getting Ready To Roll In Protest Against Government Policies

A fast-forming convoy of truckers from all six New England states will soon be making its way down the region’s coastline to join other truckers in Washington D.C. in a protest against COVID-related mandates, a myriad of other federal government directives, as well as some local ones…

COVID-19: Doctors warn COVID measures in England are insufficient

Ex-spy’s poisoning raises speculation that England could boycott FIFA World Cup.

Just weeks after the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang had politics as one of its central storylines, the other major global sporting event of 2018 also seems certain to be affected by external controversies. This summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia is just three months away, but has been rocked by calls for a boycott by […]