October 3, 2023

Biden offers $500K grant for English teachers in Pakistan that focus on transgender youth

The Biden administration is offering a $500,000 grant to help teach the English language in Pakistan, in part by providing “intensive professional development courses for Pakistani transgender youth.” The State Department grant said it is aimed at teaching English language skills to Pakistani youth so they can “better participate in the global community and prepare […]

Italian Government Introduces Legislation to Stop Invasion of English Language

A member of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloniā€™s party introduced new legislation that would penalize Italians who use English and other foreign words in official communications, in an attempt to stop the invasion of foreign languages in Italy. Italians holdingĀ an office in public administration who useĀ foreign words in official communications could face fines of up

Woke University Pushes ‘Decolonised Curriculum’ to Replace Medieval English Courses

The University of Leicester has seen academics resign or cut ties after it removed studies in Medieval English in favour of a ā€œdecolonised curriculumā€. The university announced in January its intentions to remove Chaucerā€™s The Canterbury Tales and the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowolf ā€” two seminal works of English literature ā€” and replace them with…

Muhammad Is Top English Baby Name for Fifth Year Running

Muhammad is the top name for baby boys in the English regions of London and the West Midlands in 2016, and was the top scoring across the whole of England and Wales in the year when slight variations in spelling are taken into account. The annual release of the most popular names for baby boys […]