July 20, 2024

Today’s #FakeNews: Liberal Media Pushes Lie That Trump Made It Easier for Mentally Ill to Buy Guns (VIDEO)

And they wonder why no one trusts them? The far left mainstream media pushed another lie on Thursday, the day after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 students and adults in Parkland, Florida. ABC, NBC and CBS all pushed the same lie that President Trump and the GOP made it easier for the mentally ill to […]

Sarah Sanders Begins WH Briefing By Reminding #FakeNews Reporters Of POTUS Trump’s Many Accomplishments.

After a half hour delay due to the House‚Äôs vote on historic tax cuts, Sarah Sanders approached the podium to remind the many reporters in the room of President Trump‚Äôs many accomplishments that the #FakeNews seems to never want to report on. Listing just a few of President Trump‚Äôs many (underreported) accomplishments from job creation, […]

BOOM! Trump Throttles #FakeNews Hacks: Trashes Corrupt FBI and Crooked Hillary when Asked About Gen. Flynn (VIDEO)

President Trump continues to disappoint liberal media hacks. On Monday morning liberal reporters confronted President Trump as he was leaving the White House for a speech in Utah. Reporters asked the president on his thoughts about General Michael Flynn‚Äôs decision to plead guilty in the Mueller witch hunt. Trump did not fall for the setup. […]

Trump Trashes Very #FakeNews CNN After Asia Trip

CNN outdid itself this week. The Trump-hating network compared President Trump‚Äôs face to a dog‚Äôs ear. And these jokers insist they are completely unbiased. After returning from his very impressive 14 day tour of East Asia President Trump woke up Wednesday and blasted CNN. While in the Philippines I was forced to watch @CNN, which […]

More #FakeNews: CBS Suddenly Concerned About Deficits Under Trump But Ignored Obama’s Deficits That Were Three Times Larger

After eight years of the Obama Administration‚Äôs¬†largest deficits in US and world history, CBS News is suddenly concerned about deficits! Under President Obama the amount of US Debt increased by nearly $10 trillion and doubled that of all prior Presidents combined, yet CBS said nothing.¬† Crickets‚Ķ Now the far left media firm is concerned about […]

POTUS Trump Takes on #FakeNews: NFL Controversy Has NOTHING to Do with Race

  On Sunday President Trump sounded off on the NFL national anthem controversy. On Sunday over two hundred NFL players and staff knelt down in protest during the national anthem. President Trump: I think it‚Äôs very disrespectful to our country. I think it‚Äôs very, very disrespectful to our flag. We have a great country. We […]

Entire Fed Dept. Resigns in Protest of Trump => #FakeNews Media Forgets to Mention It Was Created by Obama, Had Not Met This Year

The President‚Äôs Committee on the Arts and the Humanities made headlines last week when they very publicly resigned in mass protest over President Trump‚Äôs ‚Äúracist‚ÄĚ comments on the Charlottesville riots. President Trump correctly put blame on antifa terrorists who clashed with the neo-Nazi group on the ground. Far left comedian Kal Penn posted the committee‚Äôs […]

EPIC! Trump Blasts #FakeNews Media and Alt-Left Thugs At Trump Tower Presser (VIDEO)

THIS WAS EPIC! TRUMP BLASTS FAKE NEWS MEDIA OVER CHARLOTTESVILLE LIES. President Trump: If the press were not fake and if it was honest the press would have said what I said was very nice. But unlike you and unlike the media before I make a statement I like to know the facts. The president […]

WaPo Liars Publish Horrible #FakeNews Story: Fred Trump Was Never KKK ‚ÄĒ He Was Top Jewish Donor and Supporter in New York City

The Trump family has never been anti-Semitic. Jewish groups in Israel laud President Trump for his support of the Jewish State. President Trump‚Äôs daughter Ivanka is a practicing Jew. Trump‚Äôs son-in-law Jared is a Jew. Trump has always defended Jews in America. ** Trump insisted on including Jews and blacks at Palm Beach golf course […]

Trump Admin Cracks Down On #FakeNews By Icing Out CNN

CNN Gets Iced Out By Trump CNN picked the wrong President to wage war against. On a daily basis one can tune into any number of media outlets and see reports of how CNN is once again distorting the news. The New York Times recently said that CNN is ‚ÄúSidelining The Issues And Real Reporting‚Ķ[and […]

BBC Joins US #FakeNews Media with Latest Video: ‚ÄúTrump: The Kremlin Candidate‚ÄĚ

The far left British Broadcasting Company joined American #FakeNews outlets with their latest conspiracy video. ‚ÄúTrump the Kremlin Candidate?‚ÄĚ The 30 minute production begins with the question: ‚ÄúWas Donald Trump helped into the White House by Vladimir Putin?‚ÄĚ And then an ‚Äúexpert‚ÄĚ says, This is clearly our most serious blow to our Democratic system since […]