May 17, 2022

$19 Beers in Store for Fans at PGA Championship

If you plan on getting sauced at this year’s PGA Championship, bring money. In fact, bring lots and lots of money. That’s because beer at this year’s championship event at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will run you nearly $2src. According to a report in Golfweek, “A Michelob Ultra is $18, a Stella Artois…

Chinese fans of ‘Friends’ angry after show re-released with censorship

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Chinese fans of U.S. sitcom “Friends” have expressed dismay online after noticing censorship in recently released episodes of the beloved show, including of LGBT issues. Several major Chinese streaming sites, including Tencent (0700.HK), Baidu’s IQiyi Inc (IQ.O), Alibaba’s Youku, and Bilibili (9626.HK), started showing a version of […]

A Beauty That Grows With Time: ‘Time Orders Old Age to Destroy Beauty’

“Time Orders Old Age to Destroy Beauty,” circa 1746, by Pompeo Batoni. Oil on canvas, 52.3 inches by 37.9 inches. The National Gallery, London. (Public Domain)Social media is such a new phenomenon. Everything has its pros and cons, but we still don’t know what the consequences of its excessive use will be.  To me, it seems…

Did I Predict the Global Financial Crisis?

Commentary The 2008 recession, known as the “Global Financial Crisis” (“GFC”) outside the USA and the “Great Recession” inside, was the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and before the COVID-19 recession. It was also caused by the financial sector—which is obviously a part of the economy—rather than by an “exogenous shock” (something emanating…

Biden Administration Vows ‘Severe’ Response If ‘Single Additional Russian Force’ Enters Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Jan. 23 said the United States would initiate a “swift” and “severe” response if Russia’s military enters Ukraine. “If a single additional Russian force goes into Ukraine in an aggressive way, as I said, that would trigger a swift, a severe, and a united response from us and from…

Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics App Is a Privacy Threat to Users, Expert Says

People traveling to China for the 2022 Winter Olympics—including athletes, government dignitaries, and corporate executives—are all at risk of personal data exposure and being surveilled by the Chinese regime, a data security expert warned. The risk centers around a state-controlled smartphone app called “MY 2022” that Beijing demands international and local attendees use to come…

WATCH: Australian Open Fans Asked to Remove T-Shirts Asking ‘Where Is Peng Shuai?’

Fans at the Australian Open were asked to remove tee shirts with the slogan “Where is Peng Shuai?” an allusion to the continuing mystery surrounding the whereabouts of a Chinese tennis star who accused that country’s vice president of rape. As Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston reports: Early in November, Shuai posted a message to her Chinese social…

Cowboys’ final play in playoff loss leaves fans, Jerry Jones flabbergasted: ‘Extraordinarily disappointed’

Down by six points, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys began their final drive at their own 20-yard line with 32 seconds to go in their wild-card round matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys worked their way into 49ers territory, and on their final offensive play, Prescott ran a quarterback draw for 17 […]

‘SNL’ cold open shows Biden blaming COVID surge on ‘Spider-Man’ movie fans

“Saturday Night Live”’s President Biden (played by James Austin Johnson) had a solution to the recent surge in coronavirus cases during the show’s cold open this weekend: “Stop seeing ‘Spider-Man!’”  “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has topped the box office for several weeks after premiering in mid-December.  “Think about it. When did ‘Spider-Man’ come out?” Johnson’s […]

WATCH: Braves Fans Boo Woke MLB Commissioner Who Removed All-Star Game from Atlanta

After securing a World Series victory against the Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves fans uniformly booed MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on Tuesday night, presumably for moving the All-Star game away from Georgia earlier this year over the state’s voter integrity law. In a video that has since gone viral, the crowd overwhelmingly booed after the game when…

Thom Brennaman Claims Fans Want Him Back Despite Anti-Gay Slur

Former Cincinnati Reds TV announcer Thom Brennaman claims that the fans he runs into want him to get his job back despite his anti-gay slur controversy from last year. Brennaman resigned from his position with the Reds last September after he was suspended for uttering the “f” word during a live broadcast the previous month.…

Security Grab LGBT Flag from Danish Fans at Euro Tournament Match in Azerbaijan

(AP) — Stadium security in Baku appeared to confiscate a rainbow flag from two Danish fans ahead of the European Championship quarterfinal match between the Czech Republic and Denmark. The flag was visible in the Danish fan section during warm-ups before two security personnel moved in and one of them took hold of the flag.…

Temuera Morrison, as Boba Fett, Should Look Familiar to The Mandalorian Fans

The following story contains spoilers for The Mandalorian’s Season 2 episode “The Tragedy”Boba Fett made his grand return from the belly of a sarlacc pit to Star Wars in The Mandalorian’s Season 2 episode “The Tragedy.”If this old, grizzled, version of Boba looked familiar, that’s because he’s played by Temuera Morrison—the same actor who played…

Trump’s Latest Move On Guns May Anger Some Of His Biggest Fans.

Trump, DOJ Propose Plan To Ban All Bump Stocks President Donald Trump announced Friday evening plans for the Justice Department to ban all bump stocks, pending a mandated comment period. “Obama Administration legalized bump stocks. BAD IDEA,” Trump tweeted Friday. “As I promised, today the Department of Justice will issue the rule banning BUMP STOCKS […]

BOOM! CBS Exec FIRED After Saying Vegas Victims Don’t Deserve Sympathy Because Country Music Fans ‘Often Are Republican’

Hayley Geftman-Gold is a legal executive at CBS who said she has no sympathy for the victims in the Las Vegas shooting because “country music fans are often gun toting Republicans.” A new report by The Hollywood Reporter says the CBS executive has been fired. THR reports: CBS has parted ways with a legal executive […]

Football Fans Voice Displeasure But NFL Isn’t Listening

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may be proud of the antics of his league from this last weekend, but he may also be the most out of touch sports leader in history. While the owners and players have been busy verbally massaging each other with virtue lotion, the fans of pro football have been increasingly more […]

DNC’s New Tactic to Shut Down Bernie Fans And Control Optics

If you’re going to try to pretend you have a unified party at a national convention, it’s important to downplay any dissent and curtail any protest. If that doesn’t work, you fence them out – keeping them from ever setting foot inside the convention. But what if they make it inside? Your options are limited. […]

Watch: Chaos at NV Dem Convention… Team Hillary Disqualifies Bernie Delegates… Clinton, Sanders Fans Clash

Supporters of Bernie Sanders lost their cool at the Nevada Democratic convention Saturday night after the Hillary Clinton campaign successfully challenged the credentials of 60 Sanders delegates–mostly for not being official Democrats.  Videos quickly emerged online showing Sanders supporters clashing with Clinton supporters and shouting down Clinton surrogate Senator Barbara Boxer of California. According to […]

ISIS massacres 16 Real Madrid fans at supporters club in Iraq

At least 14 people are dead after a group of Isis militants armed with machine guns attacked the headquarters of a Real Madrid supporters club. Men holding AK-47s stormed the supporters building in Samarra, 125km north of Baghdad, Iraq and opened fire on a group of around 50 people who had gathered to watch a game. […]