November 27, 2021

Why America Hates the GOP-Obamatrade Deal

Constitutional conservatives don’t like it. Trade unions abhor it. Obama critics hate it. Environmentalists despise it. Outside the Beltway bubble, a broad coalition of voters from the left, right and center opposes the mega-trade deal getting rammed through Congress this week by the Republican establishment on behalf of the White House. Here’s why. The Obama […]

Expert’s Warning to America on Trade Deal: ‘This Is a Real Problem. It’s Not a Hypothetical’

Expanded trade authority could lead the United States into an agreement to change its visa policies, tossing the two contentious issues of immigration and free trade in the crosshairs. In the rare instance, the bulk of congressional Republicans stand with President Barack Obama on Trade Promotion Authority, also known as fast track. This allows the […]

Obamatrade a 100th-birthday gift for David Rockefeller?

NEW YORK – As the U.S. House prepares to vote on President Obama’s controversial Obamatrade legislation – regarded by opponents as a surrender of U.S. sovereignty to a new international authority and a “nascent European Union” – two historically significant promoters of globalism are celebrating birthdays Friday, with David Rockefeller turning 100 and former President […]

What you need to know about Fast Track

1. What is fast-track trade authority? Fast track allows a treaty to be ratified with a simple majority vote in both houses rather than the constitutionally-required two-thirds majority in the Senate. It also requires that a treaty be brought up in a short time period after submission by the President and prevents Congress from amending […]

Trade Promotion Authority Imperils American Independence

Trade Promotion Authority Imperils American Independence Chairman Orrin Hatch (R) and Ranking Member Ron Wyden (L) of the Senate Finance Committee On April 16 Senate Finance and House Ways and Means committees introduced Trade Promotion Authority bill. On April 16, a new Trade Promotion Authority bill was unveiled by the Senate Finance Committee and House […]


Reasons to Oppose President Obama’s Intent to Fast Track (TPA) the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement The TPP provision for an Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) allows foreign nations & companies to sue U.S. states and municipalities in global courts. ISDS provisions within the TPP also give global courts authority to override federal, state, and […]