May 17, 2022

VIDEOS: Blizzard Brings Intense Flooding to Nantucket, Drops 30 Inches of Snow in Areas

Parts of Nantucket, a small island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, saw intense flooding as Winter Storm Keenan wreaked havoc on the northeast on Friday night and through Saturday, bringing heavy snowfall and high-speed winds, which resulted in power outages. Video obtained by the Nantucket Current, the newsletter for Nantucket Magazine, shows a road called Easy…

12 Dead in Bolivia Due to Flooding

Periods of heavy rains throughout the month of December have caused the deaths of at least 12 people and left thousands homeless Thursday. Local authorities stated the rainfall has set new records nationwide, surpassing the last flooding of this magnitude, which occurred in 2013. In the central province of Cochabamba…

The Environment Agency warns of a wet winter – but is the UK prepared for future flooding?

Gretchen Whitmer Blames Climate Change for Flooding After Many Detroit Pumps Lacked Power

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) blamed climate change for flooding that occurred in Detroit last weekend, but dozens of pumping stations lacked power. Whitmer addressed reporters from the middle of the closed interstate, which was submerged underwater nearby. “These are hard days. Three weeks into my time as governor, we had the Polar Vortex,” a…

Donald J. Trump’s not only Louisiana’s but America’s Answer to a Prayer

For all of the smears and insults now being hurled his way daily, Donald J. Trump answered the cries of the downtrodden in Louisiana Canada Free Press cannot be the only one making the connection between the need for the kind of leadership Donald J. Trump would provide for America and the Great Flood of […]

President Obama Mute on Epic Flooding in Louisiana

Between August 8-14, Louisiana was pummeled with about 6.9 trillion gallons of rain in what has been called the storm of the century. More than 40,000 homes have been damaged and 12 deaths across the state have been reported due to flooding. An astounding 20,000 people and 1,000 pets have been rescued. You can learn how […]

Illegals Are Flooding Our Border Again in ‘Largest Mass Immigration to US Since 80s’

Nearly two years ago, the Obama administration called the influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America an ‘urgent humanitarian situation.’ This year, however, the problem is worse but it’s getting almost no attention. The courts are so backlogged that there’s an even slimmer chance that the vast number of migrants flooding the border this year […]

“Europe will soon go under – The Muslims are flooding, occupying and destroying Europe”

And yet tens of thousands of Muslims continue to flood the borders of European countries. Europe learned nothing from the Holocaust. They traded six million Jewish lives for 20 million Muslims. The equalizer. Bing and Google helped to translate this text into English: Nobel Laureate in Literature: “Europe will soon go under – The Muslims […]

Felons, Cartels, Sharia Law Promoters – Future Democratic Voters Flooding Into the U.S.

One in seven people in this country is an immigrant – legal or illegal. They are coming in so quickly that there is no way for them to assimilate. Many believe that is the way Democrats want it. Mark Levin describes it this way: It is “the complete evisceration of American citizenship to destroy the […]