May 26, 2022

Natural Autoimmunity: Friend or Foe?

Rather than signifying an immune system gone haywire, pioneering research reveals that autoantibodies are a biological prerequisite, and that natural autoimmunity is the master orchestrator of physiological homeostasis When examining a lab report for autoantibodies, why is there a normal reference range? Classical immunology, adhering to the principle of “Horror autotoxicus,” argues that any level…

Caruzo – Venezuela’s Vaccine Passport App Faces a Familiar Foe: Socialist Incompetence

CARACAS – The socialist regime of Venezuela has begun to implement its own version of a Chinese Coronavirus digital vaccine passport in the form of a new “stoplight” restriction system through one of its existing apps. The lack of information, improvisation, and the current state of the country following the collapse of the once-celebrated “Socialism…

Is Europe America’s Friend Or Foe?

Since Donald Trump took office as US president, a new cottage industry in rational theories of his seemingly irrational behavior has developed. On one issue, however, no amount of theorizing has made sense of Trump: his treatment of America’s oldest and most reliable ally. Since Donald Trump became US president in January 2017, his conduct […]

Pope Francis: Islam’s Friend, Christianity’s Foe?

The man known as the pope and the vicar of Christ – but who in light of what follows is probably best referred to by his real name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio – recently gave an interview demonstrating why “so many people think he is the anti-Christ.” The more salient features follow: Christ as Warmonger In […]