May 28, 2020

Toronto attack: SHOCK footage of desperate onlookers aiding victim as police LOCATE van.

Toronto attack: A white van struck several pedestrian in Toronto A VAN in Toronto has hit eight to ten pedestrians, it has been reported, as a video shows onlookers aiding at least one of the victims and appearing to point out the direction the van took after the attack to a police car. Toronto Police […]

WATCH More Chilling BRUSSELS VIDEO: Footage Shows Passengers Cowering Under Desks and Running for Their Lives

When you watch this, remember: European politicians made this happen. Politicians in Brussels and all over the continent, with their feckless immigration and multicultural policies. And Obama and Hillary are no different. This is coming to the U.S. “Terror in the terminal: Chilling footage shows moment passengers cower under desks and run for their lives […]

Watch: New footage from Trump attack shows how SERIOUS it was…

Yesterday was a heckuva day for Donald Trump on the campaign trail. After being forced to cancel his Friday Chicago rally, protesters attempted to disrupt a Kansas City rally on Saturday as well, calling Trump supporters “f***ing racists. And then to top it all off, he got absolutely trounced in the Wyoming and Washington D.C. […]