August 8, 2022

Exclusive — Blake Masters: Trump Endorsement Has ‘Been Like Rocket Fuel for this Campaign’

Blake Masters, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona, said that former President Donald Trump’s recent endorsement has “been like rocket fuel for this campaign” during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday. Masters, who maintains a double-digit lead over his Republican challengers, hopes to secure the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate on August 2. LISTEN: Breitbart News Saturday…

Sri Lanka: Two More Men Die Waiting in Fuel Lines

Two men died in Sri Lanka this week while waiting in hours-long lines for fuel amid the country’s ongoing financial crisis, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported Thursday. “A 53-year-old auto-rickshaw driver in Sri Lanka died of a heart attack on June 16 in Colombo’s suburb while waiting in a serpentine queue for fuel…

Sri Lanka Runs Out of Fuel, Says it Faces ‘Most Difficult’ Summer

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe announced on Monday that his nation had “run out” of petroleum-based fuel during a national address in which he predicted that the next two months will be “the most difficult ones of our lives,” Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported. “We have run out of petrol. … At the moment, we…

Fuel Prices in US Rising Faster Than Crude Amid Increased Exports to Europe

The price of fuel across the United States surged faster than crude oil prices in the last month, leaving Americans still paying more at the pump. The skyrocketing price of fuel comes as the United States has shipped more refined products like gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil, abroad to supply European markets following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s…

Djokovic Vows to Use Tough Experiences to Fuel His Season

Novak Djokovic of Serbia celebrates after winning against Russian Karen Khachanov, during their ATP Dubai Duty Free Tennis match, in the Gulf emirate of Dubai, on Feb. 23, 2022. (Karim Sahib/AFP via Getty Images) Novak Djokovic plans to use the challenging experiences he has endured this year due to being unvaccinated against COVID-19 as fuel…

Sri Lanka: Cabinet Resigns en Masse After Food and Fuel Shortages, Protests

Almost all of the Sri Lankan government’s Cabinet — apart from the nation’s president and prime minister — resigned from their posts on Sunday amid Sri Lanka’s worsening economic crisis, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported on Monday. “All 26 ministers in the Cabinet aside from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his elder brother Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa…

U.S. Crude Oil Inventories Plunge and Prices Jump as Climate Left Calls for End of Fossil Fuel Financing

U.S. crude-oil stockpiles plunged last week as a pick-up in refining was not matched by a pickup in extraction, which remains paralyzed due to pressure on banks and investors to cut off access to credit and capital for fossil fuel companies. Crude-oil inventories fell by 3.4 million barrels to 410 million barrels, according to data…

Record gas prices: These pickups have the lowest fuel costs

Test drive: 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid The 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid is the lowest-priced Ford, pickup and hybrid you can buy today. Ride along as Fox News Autos Editor Gary Gastelu checks out the cheap truck. NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Consumers looking to buy the most efficient vehicle don’t usually start […]

Exposed – Creator of QAnon Speaks for the First Time

An online conspiracy group called QAnon is being debunked by one of the group’s founders. One America’s Jack Posobiec spoke with one of the former top …

Inflation hits highest level in a decade as fuel bills soar

Bad Government Policies are the Culprit of the Supply Chain Crisis | Peter St. Onge on OANN

Heritage Research Fellow, Peter St. Onge, joined OANN to discuss America’s supply chain crisis and the government policies and union chokeholds that are …

World leaders agree climate change deal but ‘deep disappointment’ over fossil fuel compromise

Pat Toomey Grills Wall Street over De-Banking Fossil Fuel Companies

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) grilled Citibank Wednesday and other Wall Street firms over if they made commitments to not provide financing for fossil fuel companies such as coal and natural gas. Toomey, the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, spoke during a hearing on the “Annual Oversight of Wall Street Firms. During the hearing,…

In UK, Trump throws fuel onto Britain’s fiery political debate over Brexit

LONDON – The U.K. woke Friday to discover that President Trump had thrown fuel onto the country’s already fiery political debate — on a day in which he will hold a joint press conference with under-siege Prime Minister Theresa May, meet with Queen Elizabeth II and witness tens of thousands of demonstrators march through London […]

Trump: Tax Reform Will Be ‘Rocket Fuel’ For US Economy

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump spoke to a large group of manufacturers Friday and pitched his proposed tax reform as “rocket fuel” for the American economy. “Under my administration, the era of economic surrender is over – and the rebirth of American industry has begun,” Trump said in his remarks to the National Association of […]

FUEL FOR FLIGHT: White House lifts shipping law to aid Irma exodus

Hurricane Irma: Massive effort to ship fuel into Florida, ease gas shortages The Trump administration has waived a key statute to allow for “as many ships as possible” to bring fuel into Florida, as part of a massive effort to ease gas shortages for Florida residents and others in the path of Hurricane Irma. “We’re […]

Obama’s Final National Security Speech: ‘Stigmatize Good, Patriotic Muslims,’ and You Fuel Terrorism

President Obama emphasized the absence of another 9/11-scale attack on the homeland during his two terms in office and argued that acting “like this is a war between the United States and Islam” would result in more American deaths and “the loss of the very principles we claim to defend.” Speaking to service members at MacDill Air Force […]

Obama-Poindexter Pics Fuel Scalia Suspicions

John Poindexter and President Obama shake hands at the White House (Credit: Via DC Whispers) A couple of photographs of President Obama shaking hands with a wealthy Democrat Party donor named John Poindexter, who also owns the ranch resort where he found Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead, has fueled the whispers that radio host […]