August 16, 2022

Is Google’s LaMDA Woke? Its Software Engineers Sure Are

Commentary An article in the Washington Post revealed that a Google engineer who had worked with Google’s Responsible AI organization believes that Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), an artificially intelligent chatbot generator, is “sentient.” In a Medium blog post, Blake Lemoine claims that LaMDA is a person who exhibits feelings and shows the unmistakable signs of consciousness: “Over the […]

Woke Google’s DeepMind AI Company Accused of Mishandling Sexual Misconduct Allegations

DeepMind, the AI group owned by woke giant Google, has been accused of mishandling multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment. The Financial Times reports that a former DeepMind employee has accused the Google-owned artificial intelligence firm of mishandling multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment. A female member of staff, referred to as Julia to protect…

Roku: Google’s Decision to Pull Apps from Roku Another Case of ‘Monopoly Conduct’

Roku said Friday that Google exhibited its “monopoly conduct” by deciding to pull its apps from the Roku platform. Google announced that it would pull its YouTube and YouTubeTV apps from the Roku platforms on December 9. This is the latest battle in the brewing war between the search giant and Roku, a smaller technology…

Google’s Far Left Leadership Reacts to Hillary’s Loss- Choked Up, Crying, “We Lost!” in Leaked Video.

A video recorded at Google headquarters after President Trump’s historic win was recently leaked to The video shows executive after executive taking the podium in funeral like procession to mourn the loss of Crooked Hillary as president. One female exec started choking up, crying, and told the Google audience, “We lost!” Google-Alphabet Chairman Eric […]