July 18, 2024

‘Just the Beginning’: Conservatives Continue to Attack Woke Universities After Claudine Gay’s Harvard Resignation

The drama stemming from woke Ivy Leagues appears to be far from over, with conservatives stating that the resignations of the Harvard and University of Pennsylvania presidents amid antisemitism controversy are “just the beginning.” Following Claudine Gay’s and Liz Magill’s departures as presidents from their respective schools after their controversial testimony on campus antisemitism, Rep.

Washington Post Op-Ed: Harvard President Claudine Gay Should Resign over Plagiarism Scandal

A high-ranking editor and columnist for the Washington Post is calling on Harvard University’s president Claudine Gay to resign, saying the instances of plagiarism in Gay’s published works have grown too numerous to ignore. In her op-ed this week, associate editor Ruth Marcus noted that Claudine Gay’s acts of plagiarism are far-reaching and include whole

Additional Allegations of Plagiarism Emerge Against Harvard President Claudine Gay

Additional allegations of plagiarism have emerged against Harvard President Claudine Gay on top of those previously made. The complaint submitted to Harvard’s research integrity officer by a professor from another university, who wished to remain anonymous, outlines at least 40 allegations of plagiarism against Claudine Gay, including some of the charges that various publications, including

New York Post: When Confronted with Proof of President Claudine Gay’s Plagiarism, Harvard Lawyered Up

Harvard reportedly covered up a high-level investigation into whether the Ivy League university’s embattled president, Claudine Gay, had previously engaged in plagiarism. Moreover, the school also “threatened” the New York Post with “an expensive law firm” in response to the media outlet’s probe into the matter. The university spent weeks failing to acknowledge that Gay

U.Wisconsin’s porn-loving Joe Gow shows college rot — just like his Harvard and UPenn counterparts

The rot in higher education runs wide and deep: Consider the case of Joe Gow, the now-former chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse — removed from office after it was revealed he was posting X-rated videos of himself, his wife and even pro porn stars online. This man is a public servant, with a […]

Billionaire Bill Ackman Calls on Harvard to Release Names of Students Supporting Terrorism Against Israel

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman is calling on Harvard to release the names of students that are members of groups that signed a pro-terror statement in response to the recent Hamas attacks against Israel, so that employers do not “inadvertently” hire pro-terrorist graduates in the future. “I have been asked by a number of CEOs

Some Harvard students are fearful of ‘doxxing’ after their letter blaming Israel for the Hamas attacks

Some Harvard students are claiming that they are victims of doxxing and public harassment after they signed onto or were affiliated with an anti-Israel letter that went viral after the Hamas terrorist attacks.  A number of those students agreed to speak to The New York Times “but insisted on anonymity, saying that they feared for […]

‘Runaway fireball’ could be alien probe that crashed off coast of Papua New Guinea: Harvard scientist

A “runaway fireball” that crashed into the water off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2014 could be an alien probe or extraterrestrial artifact similar to U.S. interstellar probes like NASA’s “Voyagers,” Harvard professor Dr. Avi Loeb told Fox News Digital.  That would be strong potential evidence of alien life.  The space object crashed […]

Harvard Prof., Fmr. IMF Economist Rogoff: Bank Issues Not Fixed ‘at All’ and Things Will ‘Break’ Due to High Inflation, Slow China Growth

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Harvard University Economics Professor and former International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Ken Rogoff argued that the issues around banks have not been fixed “at all” because in a world with higher inflation and interest rates and poor growth in China, “we’re in a situation where things are going

Harvard Poll: Donald Trump Up 18 Points over Ron DeSantis in Hypothetical GOP 2024 Primary 

A new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that former President Donald Trump is the clear front-runner in a hypothetical 2src24 Republican primary, leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by 18 points. The poll found that 46 percent of Republican voters would support Trump, compared to 28 percent who support DeSantis. Former Vice President Mike Pence, who many speculate will launch a

Harvard Poll: VP Harris Fails on Immigration, Voters Want Return of Trump Border Policies

Registered voters believe Vice President Kamala Harris has failed at her task of addressing the root causes of migration from Central America to the United States, a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll reveals. The results are based on online surveys of 2,006 registered voters between June 15 and 17. The pollsters asked, “Do you think vice…

Rep. Ted Lieu Screams At Civil Rights Attorney For Bringing Up Harvard Discrimination Against Asians

Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu chastised attorney Peter Kirsanow during a House hearing about the need for diversity in federal courts. “Stop bringing in irrelevant issues, there are more Asian-Americans at these Ivy Leagues than in the federal judiciary, they’re underrepresented. These are different issues happening,” Lieu yelled at Kirsanow for bringing up the subject…

Harvard professor accused of covering up ties to Chinese school now faces tax charges

The Harvard University professor accused of lying to U.S. officials about his ties to a Chinese-run program aimed at furthering the communist superpower’s scientific and technological development is now facing additional charges over his alleged dealings with the IRS.Chemistry professor Charles Lieber, 61, has been indicted by a grand jury on two counts of failing to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts and two counts of…

Report: Harvard, Yale Defy Federal Guidelines, Will Continue Racial Discrimination in Admissions.

New reports suggest that Harvard and Yale are ignoring Federal guidelines against the use of race in university admissions. A report from Fox News claims that some Ivy League universities are doubling down on their affirmative action policies after receiving a “Dear Colleague” letter from Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos that requested they stop using race in […]

Harvard gives Chelsea Manning a prestigious job — then hands her VERY bad news

Former Army Private Chelsea Manning (then Bradley Manning) was found guilty of leaking secret military documents to WikiLeaks and was sentenced to 35 years in prison, a sentence that former President Barack Obama saw worth commuting after seven years. While she hasn’t done much since her release aside from go off on emoji-ridden tweet-storms, Harvard […]

Harvard Prof Behind Effort to Overturn Election, Call Article V Convention

Many Republicans are understandably disgusted at the audacious effort underway to usurp the results of the 2016 presidential election by persuading enough presidential electors to break their pledges to vote for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. It should be instructive and alarming that one of the leaders in this effort to deny Trump the presidency […]

Harvard Study Concludes The Obvious About Who To Blame For Sluggish US Economy

Strongly partisan government is to blame for a sluggish U.S. economy, concludes a study from The Harvard Business School. “The U.S. political system was once the envy of many nations. Over the last two decades, however, it has become our greatest liability. Americans no longer trust their political leaders, and political polarization has increased dramatically. Americans […]

Harvard Law Prof. Says Liberals Should Treat Christian Conservatives Like Nazis

A Harvard law professor suggests that conservative and religious objectors to same-sex marriage need to be treated like Nazis were treated following World War II. Professor Mark Tushnet, a constitutional law scholar and the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Harvard Law School in Massachusetts, wrote in a recent blog post that liberals should begin […]