January 26, 2021


Donald Trump won Indiana Primary and held a press conference at Trump Tower following the results of the primary. Mr. Trump scored a huge landslide victory, winning over 50% of the vote. Mr. Trump also offered kind words for his rival Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race following a staggering loss. – video […]

Sanders upsets Clinton in Indiana

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is projected to win the Indiana primary in an upset over Hillary Clinton, who had led the Hoosier State in polling. MSNBC called the race for Sanders just after 9 p.m. EDT, about two hours after polls closed. Fox News followed shortly after. Sanders will win more of the state’s […]

Trump wins Indiana, clearing path to nomination

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is projected to win the Indiana primary, dealing a crushing defeat to Ted Cruz and putting himself on a clear path to clinching the nomination. Trump’s victory will guarantee him at least 30 of the state’s 57 delegates, pushing him over 1,000 as he approaches the 1,237 he needs to […]

Ted Cruz: 1, Pro-Trump Protestors -1 Today In Marion, Indiana (Video)

Got to be embarrassing for this demonstrator. It shows what begins to happen to people who make the critical error of believing Donald Trump. Ted Cruz presents his case, with his genuine policy commitments and track record, contrasting that with Trump’s self-contradictions and pervasively demonstrated lack of trustworthiness. Instead of listening to fact and reason, […]