January 26, 2022

The Anti-globalist Alliance, A Resistance Against the Great Reset

Archbishop Viganò covers in this lengthy interview many aspects of the Great Reset, its connections with China and its harsh lockdown policies; its connections with key global players such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Bilderberger Group, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds; and its essentially “Masonic matrix.” As we see, it is a replacement […]

Pope Francis Invites Delegation of Canadian Indigenous People to Vatican

ROME, Italy — Pope Francis has invited a delegation of indigenous people of Canada to the Vatican in December amidst controversy surrounding the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at Church-run schools for natives. Vatican News reported that the encounter will take place this coming December just before Christmas and will include three separate bilateral…

HAH-HAH! TRUMP Invites Navajo Indian Code Talkers to White House – Hurls Insult at Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren (VIDEO)

On Monday President Donald Trump invited the World War II Navajo Indian code talkers to the White House. During the ceremony to honor these American patriots Trump jabbed fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. President Trump: I just want to thank you because you’re very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were […]

President Obama Congratulates Trump, Invites Him to White House

President Obama phoned Donald Trump early Wednesday morning to congratulate him on his victory, according to a White House statement. He also called Hillary Clinton and “expressed admiration for the strong campaign that she waged throughout the country.” Obama also invited the president-elect to the White House on Thursday to discuss the transition. “Ensuring a […]

Obama Invites 18.7 Million Immigrants to Avoid Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America

It’s not only illegal aliens who are escaping enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws. Under the Obama administration’s expansive interpretation of executive authority,  legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nation’s Naturalization process are now exempt from a key part of the Oath of Allegiance. Immigrants seeking to become citizens no longer have to pledge to […]

Pope invites Bernie to the Vatican….for an INSANE reason

Liberals frequently accused Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz of pandering to the religious faithful during their campaigns because of how commonly they profess the importance of their faith. But at least they practiced the religions they preached. When Democrats pander to the religious, things are much less genuine. Remember when Bill Clinton thought the Book of […]

President Obama Invites Syrian Refugee to State of the Union

Obama is a very dangerous, disturbed individual.   Maybe the two refugees who were arrested this week on jihad terror-crimes are available also. How about the other 41 Muslim “refugees” in U.S. who were arrested on jihad terror charges?Are the victims’ families from the San Bernardino jihad attack invited? The Chattanooga jihad attack? How about […]

Obama Invites 10,000 Muslims Into US, But Look Who He Kicked Out to Make Room… No Wonder People Say He’s a Muslim

After years of political bickering, President Barack Obama has finally decided to take action and is deporting people from America. Before you start putting on your party hat, you probably should know that he isn’t illegal Mexican criminals or Middle Eastern radical Islamic terrorists. Instead, he is deporting what he considers to be the true […]


Naomi Klein, a Canadian environmental crusader who describes herself as a “secular Jewish Feminist,” addressed Vatican officials Wednesday, bashing “economic experts” who place “outsized value on protecting corporate profits and economic growth” rather than the poor, who she said will be most affected by climate change. Klein is the author of the New York Times […]

How Obama Invites Jihadists to Take Americans Hostage

Another red line to be marked with innocent blood When it comes to national security, perception matters. Ultimately, American adversaries assess two things: America’s stated policies, and how those policies are pursued. From these assessments, our adversaries shape their perceptions of U.S. resolve and develop strategies to overcome it. That’s why President Obama’s abandonment of […]