October 3, 2023

JESSE WATTERS: Norfolk Southern isn’t worried about giving answers to a town they pretty much just nuked

Fox News host Jesse Watters sounded off on the hazardous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and why officials aren’t being held accountable on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”  JESSE WATTERS: This slimy rail company and their CEO Alan Shaw are just worried about themselves. They’re not worried about giving answers to a town they just nuked. […]

FNC’s Jesse Watters: Biden Using ‘War on Terror Language and Tactics Against Republicans’

Fox News host Jesse Watters said Monday on his show “‘Jesse Watters Primetime” that President Joe Biden calling MAGA Republicans semi- fascist is using “War on Terror” language and tactics against the GOP. Watters said, “Make no mistake, the Democratic Party, the media, and obviously the FBI have designated the Republican Party as a terrorist group

‘That Is Collective Insanity’: Jesse Watters Says Democrats Care More About ‘Isms’ Than Issues

Fox News host Jesse Watters criticized Democrats during Friday’s broadcast of “The Five,” saying that they cared more about “isms” than about issues. Watters joined cohost Juan Williams in a conversation about a recent poll, which indicated that Democrats were more concerned about Trump supporters than any other issue. (RELATED: ‘Here’s Some Hush Money’: Jesse…

‘It’s Kind Of Like Having A Fat Trainer’: Jesse Watters Slams Hypocritical COVID Regulations

November 18, 2020 7:15 PM ET Fox News host Jesse Watters said Wednesday that people might be having a hard time taking new COVID regulations seriously because leaders were not abiding by their own rules. Watters addressed the situation during a segment of “The Five,” saying that taking directives from leaders who did not hold…

Jesse Ventura: If Trump Builds Wall, ‘Take Down Statue of Liberty’

“The whole statue is bullsh*t now.”   Jesse Ventura, the former “Body” and ex-governor of Minnesota, is back to his asinine talking points once again. This time, he’s weighing in on immigration and suggesting that with Donald Trump in office, the Statue of Liberty has been rendered meaningless. At the Nexus Conference in Aspen, Colorado […]

Jesse Jackson: Obama should follow Ford’s example – grant Hillary Clinton a pre-emptive pardon

Sorry, Jesse. Wrong again. The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson is nothing if not pious and holy. He’s a veritable paragon of virtue, and we’re all supposed to pay close attention to his proclamations. So, he’s issued the following encyclical: “Secretary Clinton has not been legally accused, and either tried or convicted of anything. President Obama should […]