July 20, 2024

Why Gen Z loves ‘loud budgeting’ — the financial trend you’d expect from a generation of oversharers

“Quiet luxury” and “Doom spending” are out. “Loud budgeting” is in. The in-your-face financial trend, where crying poverty is the new flaunting of wealth, couldn’t be more perfect for Gen Z, known for their love of oversharing. Being a loud budgeteer is easy, too — just begin talking very openly, to anyone who asks or doesn’t […]

Joe Biden loves to talk about compromise, so why no Senate border deal?

President Biden has the opportunity to lead a compromise with a deal for Ukraine and the border crisis. AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File Joe Biden loves to tout his bona fides as a bipartisan compromiser during his days as a senator.  So why on earth, with a chance as president for real compromise on the […]

Anti-Drag Tennessee Lt. Guv Really Loves This LGBTQ Man’s Thirst Traps

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally has joined the anti-LGBTQ+ wave sweeping the Republican Party. On Instagram, however, he seems to be taking a different tone. Updated Mar. 09, 2023 4:12AM ET / Published Mar. 08, 2023 11:50PM ET Tennessee General AssemblyAs one of the top politicians in deep-red Tennessee, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R) has joined the anti-LGBTQ+ wave sweeping the Republican

I Want a President Who Loves America: Pre-Inaugural Edition

Two years ago in this space I wrote that “I Want a President Who Loves America.” I started out by telling how I fell in love with America 51 years ago on my first trip to the U.S. over Christmas 1965. I went on to assert the obvious: nation-state good, multiculturalism bad, therefore we should […]

I Want a President Who Loves America. Again

  It was just a year ago that I floated my dearest political wish upon the waters: “I Want a President Who Loves America.” It really wasn’t asking much. Since then, I’ve written again and again about what I want in a president. Of course, my subtext was that the current incumbent, Barack Obama, rather […]

Planned Parenthood Loves to Hear Two ‘Magic Words’: Abortion and Money, Says Undercover Investigator

David Daleiden, head of the pro-life Center for Medical Progress, appeared in a one-hour Fox News report on secretly taped videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood employees engaged in illegal activities, sharing how the investigators managed to gain access to top officials of the organization. The investigators used two “magic words,” Daleiden said on “Planned […]

Obama Loves America Just Like Castro Loves Cuba

It’s time to fight fire with fire. It’s time to stop bringing a knife to a gun fight. This is war. This is a battle for the very survival of America, American exceptionalism, small business, capitalism, free enterprise and free speech. When Rudy Guliani said he thought “Obama doesn’t love America,” it set off a […]