February 23, 2020

Bernie’s Home State Tried Socialized Medicine and THIS Happened

Bernie Sanders’ most expansive government program he’d implement during his presidency would be a socialized medicine system – effectively putting Obamacare on steroids. The candidate has said he wants us to look to Scandinavia for economic lessons – as the Scandinavian nations have large welfare states featuring all kinds of government perks he’d like to implement. […]

A Taste of Their Own Medicine – Rival Islamist Group Releases Film Showing Executions of ISIS Jihadists

An Islamist group has released a video showing the merciless executions of 18 Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, in a tit-for-tat propagandist reprisal for a similar video released by ISIS last week. The Muslim world appears to be at war with itself as rival Islamist groups dream up creative new ways of killing each other before […]