August 12, 2022

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Requests Mobilization Of National Guard

MILWAUKEE ā€” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has requested the mobilization of the National Guard in the wake of violence that erupted in the City of Milwaukee late Saturday, August 13th and early Sunday, August 14th. Clarke made the request after consulting with Gov. Scott Walker and Major Gen. Donald Dunbar of the Wisconsin National […]

Contained? New Report Says Thereā€™s ā€˜Unprecedentedā€™ ISIS Mobilization In The U.S.

On November 12, President Obama said ISIS had been ā€œcontained.ā€ The next day, ISIS launched a deadly terrorist attack in Paris that left 130 people dead. Guy has written about what appears to be aĀ developing scandalĀ within our intelligence community, specifically the suppressionĀ­ā€“or disregardā€“of intelligence about ISISā€™s rise that didnā€™t necessarily fit theĀ view of the Obama […]