June 30, 2022

Toronto Trio Demonstrating in Ottawa: We’re Here for Our Grandkids

Breitbart News spoke with Dimitrios, George, and John — three Canadian demonstrators from Toronto — during the Freedom Convoy gathering in Ottawa, ON, on Thursday. “I came here because the most important thing in my life right now are my grandkids and their freedom,” George said. He wore a sign with a message highlighting the centrality…

Police Advance on Remaining Protesters in Ottawa

This report will be updated throughout the day OTTAWA, Canada—Heavy police presence remains in downtown Ottawa on Feb. 19, a day after law enforcement escalated operations against protesters opposed to COVID-19 mandates, to clear demonstrations around the area of Canada’s Parliament buildings. Many protesters and vehicles have already been cleared from the capital…

Reporter brutally attacked by Ottawa police speaks out | Eric Bolling The Balance on Newsmax



Trudeau’s Police forcibly remove protesters from Ottawa: Dozens arrested and tear gas used

Trudeau’s Police forcibly remove protesters from Ottawa: Dozens arrested and tear gas used

Video: Ottawa Protesters Link Arms to Block Police

OTTAWA, Ontario – Demonstrators supporting the Freedom Convoy locked arms to block law enforcement’s advancement towards Parliament Hill on Friday. The protesters sang Canada’s national anthem while standing in front of the police. Some shouted, “Hold the line,” “freedom,” and “peace and love.” Many wore and held Canadian flags. Law enforcement included mounted officers on…

Ottawa mayor and ‘Freedom Convoy’ agree to move trucks from residential areas

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says that he has reached an agreement with the leadership of the “Freedom Convoy” to remove trucks from residential neighborhoods this week. Watson’s office told Canadian councilors on Sunday that he has reached an agreement through “backchannel negotiations” for the convoy to remove […]



Ottawa City Councilman: Freedom Convoy Protesters Are ‘Well-Known Radicals,’ ‘Miscreants’

Matthew Luloff, an Ottawa City Councilman, told American taxpayer-funded NPR that the “Freedom Convoy” protests against coronavirus-related mandates in the city were fueled by “miscreants” embracing “hate symbols,” which defies on-the-ground reports showing peaceful demonstrations attracting people of all ages. Luloff said the protest had “morphed into something much uglier” than what eyewitness reports had…

Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’: Thousands protest against vaccine mandates in Ottawa

What began as a protest by truckers against a vaccine requirement to carry loads between Canada and the United States brought thousands of people to the Canadian capital on Saturday to denounce the entire range of public health measures aimed at containing Covid-19. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their home […]

GoFundMe Says Donations for Truck Convoy Heading to Ottawa Continue to Be Accepted

The crowdfunding platform GoFundMe says the fundraiser for the truck drivers who are to heading to Ottawa protest the vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers is still accepting donations, it’s just that funds are temporarily on hold pending a review of how the money will be distributed…