February 6, 2023

12 Recent Cases Where Christians Were Punished for Their Beliefs on Marriage: FRC

The Family Research Council has compiled a reporting listing 12 cases this past decade in America where Christian business owners have been punished or threatened with punishment for holding traditional beliefs about marriage in order to comply with anti-discrimination laws regarding gay people. (Photo: Family Research Council/Carrie Russell)Aaron Klein talked before those gathered at the […]

FLASHBACK: Decorated Marine Was Harshly Punished For Less Than What Hillary Did

Now that Hillary Clinton has been let off the hook by the FBI, it’s important to remember that not everyone is allowed to get away with such things, even people who have risked their lives to defend America. Here’s a 2015 flashback from the Daily Beast: No matter how much classified material is found in […]

Muslim who beheaded toddler WON’T be punished because…

Back in February I reported on a grim story out of Moscow, whereas a nanny paraded the streets with the severed head of a toddler. Naturally, she chanted “Allah Akbar” during the ordeal (but of course) Among her other chants included “I am a terrorist” – a statement I’m sure our leaders in the West would remind […]

Obama Doesn’t Care What You Think: Obey or You Will Be Punished

Liberals are now totally fed up with deliberative democracy. The message is clear: “Obey, or you will be punished.” On Friday, President Barack Obama directed all public schools in the country to base their bathroom and locker room usage rules on gender identity rather than sex. On an issue as sensitive as where we shower, change […]

Meet the Marine Major Being Punished For Sharing Classified Information To Warn Against An Attack

As the situation surrounding Hillary Clinton’s possession of top secret, classified information on her personal email server continues to get worse, comparisons between the former Secretary of State and those prosecuted for improper handling of classified information are being made. Of course, the case of General David Petraeus has come up, but there are others […]