November 29, 2020

JUST IN: Benghazi emails RECOVERED…

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has maintained she’d ever so graciously handed over “all” of her work-related emails, even as it was revealed she wiped her server using, not a cloth, but the electronic equivalent of bleach. Because, no doubt, she had nothing whatsoever to hide. Of course, even as she continues to hold fast […]

‘The American People Will Now See More’ – All Clinton Emails The FBI Recovered Will Be Made Public

All the emails then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent or received that the FBI uncovered will be released by the Department of State, a conservative non-profit government watchdog group announced Tuesday. “The American people will now see more of the emails Hillary Clinton tried to hide from them,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.  […]

Report: The FBI Has Recovered Deleted Emails From Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

The FBI has recovered personal and work-related emails deleted from Hillary Clinton’s private server, Bloomberg reported Tuesday evening. Citing a person familiar with the investigation, Bloomberg reported that the FBI is investigating why Clinton’s personal server contained classified information. The probe was said to take at least several more months to complete, according to Bloomberg. […]

Five Years After the Recession, Only 21% of Small Businesses Say They’ve Recovered

More than five years after the end of the “Great Recession,” only 21 percent of small businesses* say they have fully recovered. During the recession, lack of sales ranked as the top problem small business faced. Taxes placed second, and “government regulations and red tape” placed third. And since 2012, at least one in five […]